36 types of vegetables or CG Bhaji

The state of Chhattisgarh, which is called the rice bowl, is also a stronghold of green vegetables. one time

In the state, 80 species of vegetables were found. (CG Bhaji) It has 36 types

Vegetables are such that are being eaten with great fervor even today. Agriculture on the other hand

Scientists have also told various benefits of these vegetables in the research. CG Bhaji Name List is given below.

The 36 vegetables of Chhattisgarh are as follows 

Amari Bhaji, Kochai Bhaji, Charota, Karmatta, Poi, Lal Bhaji, Gondli Bhaji, Patwa,

Tipaniya, Murai Bhaji, Bohar Bhaji, Gumi Bhaji, Bhathua, Muskeni, Munga Bhaji, Banana,

Chunchunia, Makhana Bhaji, Karela Bhaji, Spinach, Cholai, Cabbage Bhaji, Khedha Bhaji, Fenugreek,

Red Chech Bhaji, White Chech Bhaji, Chana Bhaji, Tivra, Koilar, Pepper Bhaji, Mustard Bhaji,

Barbatti, Kanda Bhaji, Barre Bhaji, Kurma and Chanori.

The specialty of vegetables 

36 cg bhaji

Lal Bhaji -36 types of vegetables or CG Bhaji

Lal Bhaji tastes delicious with rice. of summer

It is very beneficial for the stomach for days.

Karmatta Bhaji -36 types of vegetables or CG Bhaji

If you make it with gram flour then it tastes better.

It helps mouth ulcers fix it.

Moonga Bhaji -36 types of vegetables or CG Bhaji

Moonga leaves are also known as Moonga Bhaji.

Beneficial for eyesight.

Spinach -36 types of vegetables or CG Bhaji

Generally, iron is in abundance in spinach. 

Apart from this, vitamin A and calcium are also high.

Chowlai -36 types of vegetables or CG Bhaji

Chowlai is a vegetable of 12 months.

The taste is a bit between fenugreek and spinach, but very beneficial for the health

Helps in the circulation of blood and the development of arteries.

Fenugreek -36 types of vegetables or CG Bhaji

Eat fenugreek’s paratha or vegetables.

If you want to add flavor to lentils, then fenugreek

Apply a sprinkling of its leaves.

Apart from this, from stomach cream to headaches.

Fenugreek gives relief from problems.

Murai Bhaji -36 types of vegetables or CG Bhaji

Radish bhaji is very beneficial for the body in cold.

Other than this, It also removes problems like skin diseases.

Onion Bhaji 

After fenugreek, onion bhaji is also used a lot.

Was. Apart from this, onion bhaji is very effective.

Sulfur, iron, and vitamin C in the stomach

Delivers a fair amount of everything.


Generally eating village charota in the problem of stomach ache

The taste is like Pansutte but it is very beneficial for the body.

Be it stomach cramps, this vegetable is beneficial for everyone.

Sarson Bhaji 

Mustard is the best winter vegetable. pungent in taste but

excellent. Very beneficial for cold in terms of health. In addition to the feet

The mustard vegetable is also effective for tingling, stretching of the veins.

cause oily substance excess.

Bhathua Bhaji-36 types of CG Bhaji

Bhathua which tastes like spinach is very healthy. Sometimes

Make shafaiyata or mix it with chana dal to make it taste more unique.

That’s where most of the vitamins and proteins remain.

to the ligaments of the feet, it is more beneficial.

Kheda Bhaji -36 types of CG Bhaji

Drinking Kheda Bhaji’s drink is enough for cold and flu.

Relaxes to an extent. Due to its hot effect, it is very beneficial in cold.

Kanda Bhaji -36 types of CG Bhaji

The vegetable that grows in the shape of a bell is named after Kanda Bhaji.

is known from. Beneficial for skin diseases.

Chunchuniya Bhaji 

Pachau Bhaji Chunchuniya Bhaji. The stomach should never be clean.

If it seems heavy then the villagers of the state like to eat it. Whatever accumulates in the stomach it becomes clear.

Cabbage Bhaji

Cabbage is generally liked by everyone but its leaves

Very few people have tasted it. A leaf full of vitamin C is beneficial for the bones of the body.

Effective for growth and physical development in youth.

Chana Bhaji 

Everyone likes the taste of gram, but its leaves are too Somewhat effective.

If digestion is bad, then eat gram bhaji, the stomach will be clean.

Tivra Bhaji 

Tivra, the local pulse of the state, is eaten a lot, but

The vegetable of its leaves is also very much liked.

Rich in iron and calcium,

But eating in excess can cause harm.

Patwa Bhaji 

The second bhaji in Khatti Bhaji.

The taste is also unique.

especially its Chutney is well-liked but saves from the heat in summer.

Amari Bhaji 

Amari Bhaji is such a vegetable that is fed to children so that

Be effective in their development.

Makhna Bhaji 

Pumpkin leaf bhaji is also known as Kumhda Bhaji.

If the person who is having a hair fall consumes it, the hair fall will stop.


Tipaniya vegetable found in the forests is very much liked.

It is beneficial if there is any kind of ringworm, or itching in the body.


Chanauri bhaji is found in a special type of bhaji.

people of Bastar most like.

Used for joint aches and pains




This vegetable is grown more on the borderline of Orissa and the state.

The special thing is that there are some elements in Keni that remove the tension of the nerves.

Kusum Baaji

Good for heart dieases.

Gol Baaji

Nuniya Baaji

Koliya Baaji

Bohar Baaji

Bohar bhaji
Bohar bhaji

Konjiyari Baaji

Poi Baaji

Chech Baaji


Kochaye Baaji

Amurri Bhaji

Amurri Bhaji is a vegetable that is fed to children so that it is effective in their development.

Urid Bhaji

urad bhaji
urad bhaji

The leaf of the Urad Dal plant is known as Urid Bhaji. The special thing is that all types of vitamins and proteins are found in vegetables.

Khotni Bhaji

Everything from Sulfur to Iron is found in Khotni Bhaji.

Jari Bhaji

This vegetable is eaten like coral. Green blood cells are mostly found in this.

Jhurga Bhaji

The meaning of Jhurga is generally known as Rasedar but this bhaji itself is called Jhurga Bhaji. All types of minerals are found.


Chanauti bhaji is found in a special type of bhaji. The people of Bastar like it the most. Used for joint pain and joint pain.


Pahuna vegetable is found only in some areas of the state. The special thing is that it is very beneficial for pregnant women.


Beneficial for kidney-related diseases. It is helpful in removing kidney stones.

Aloo Bhaji

All the elements in potatoes are also included in it. Which is beneficial for the body.

Karela Bhaji


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