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Bhairamgarh Wildlife Sanctuary
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Bhairamgarh Wildlife Sanctuary (BWS)in the Bijapur district

Bhairamgarh Wildlife Sanctuary (BWS) is east of Bhairamgarh in the Bijapur district. Area of Bhairamgarh The sanctuary is over an area of 138.95 sq km. Bhairamgarh Wildlife Sanctuary In 1983, to ban excessive hunting and conservation of the extinct forest buffalo, the Bhairamgarh Sanctuary was administratively attached to the Indravati Tiger Reserve in 1995. A …

national park of cg
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National Park of Chhattisgarh

National Park of Chhattisgarh The state of Chhattisgarh is a prosperous state in terms of forest resources.  The forest area in Chhattisgarh is 55621 square kilometers which is 44.21% of the total area. Chhattisgarh’s place is third in India. Chhattisgarh is fourth in the National in terms of forest area.  41.13% of the total geographical …

Lemru elephant reserve
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Lemru Elephant Reserve is in Korba

Lemru Elephant Reserve Location of Lemru Elephant Reserve Korba district, Chattisgarh Aim of Lemru Elephant Reserve To reduce human-animal conflict and destruction of property To provide a permanent habitat for the elephants. The proposal was passed unanimously by the Assembly in 2005 and got central approval in 2007. Lemru is one of two elephant reserves …