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 Lochan Prasad Pandey ji was born on 4 January 1887 in Bilaspur district.

father’s name of Lochan Prasad ji

Lochan Prasad Pandey’s father’s name was Chintamani Pandey and he had opened a school for the education of the children of his village.


He was a prominent Hindi literature of Chhattisgarh.

Pandey ji had equal command over both Hindi and Oriya languages, he was well versed in the language.

From 1905, his poems started appearing in Mahavir Prasad Dwivedi’s Saraswati magazine.

He was also the top member of Bharatendu Sahitya Samiti.

He had a special reputation among the literateurs of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

Even today his name is taken with great respect.


Education of Lochan Prasad Pandey

Lochan Prasad ji’s primary education took place in a private school in Balpur. He passed the middle examination from Sambalpur in 1902 and obtained intermediate education from Calcutta in 1905. Pandey ji visited many places in his lifetime and was active in literary seminars, conferences, Congress sessions, history and archaeological expeditions. Due to his exploration, many forts, inscriptions, copper plates and caves came to light.

Nature of Lochan Prasad Pandey

Lochan Prasad was simple and innocent by nature. His behavior was very cordial. Through his writings, he inspired the readers to improve their character.

Like a preacher, he should be at the forefront in awakening patience and interest among the readers. In Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, his name is still taken with great respect, honor and prestige.

Works  of Lochan Prasad Pandey

(1) Do Mitra – This poetic work is an objective-based, social novel, inspired by social reform, female character and the first work of Lochan Prasad Pandey, published in 1906, written on the reaction of Western civilization.

Other major literary works – (1) Kalikal (Chhattisgarh 1905)

(2) Pravasi (poetry collection Madhya Pradesh) 1906 (3) Neeti Kavita 1909

(4) Kavita Kusummala 1909 (5) Shoko Manjari 1910 (6) Raghuvansh Saar 1911 (7) Madhav Manjari 1914 (8) Padya Pushpanjali 1915 (9) Jeevan Jyoti 1920 (10) Prashasti Ratnamala 1956

Lochan Prasad ji is a prominent Hindi literateur, novelist, and story writer.

In 1923, he founded Chhattisgarh Gaurav Pracharak Mandali, which was later called Mahakoshal Itihas Parishad.

              If any rural poet from Vananchal in Chhattisgarh is given the highest literary honor “Sahitya Vachaspati” then his fame can be easily estimated. The great man who made this land of Chhattisgarh proud was Pandit Lochan Prasad, the shining star of the prestigious Pandey clan of Balpur. He was the first person from Chhattisgarh to be honored with this honor.


Pandey ji was honored with the “Sahitya Vachaspati” honor and Kavya Vinod Sahitya award by Hindi Sahitya Sammelan in 1948. Pandey ji was a great Hindi litterateur, he will always be unforgettable in the Hindi world.

Death date 

8 November 1959

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