Anand Prabhu Kudi Vihar, Mahasamund is the most famous amongst all Sirpur’s Buddhist vihars.
 Mahasamund is a beautiful and historic city located in the Mahasamund District, and is a municipality. The district has a tribal population of 28.9%. There are various types of tribes living in the district, including Pardhi, Binjhwar, Dhanwar, Halba, Kamar, Kanwar, Kharai, Munda, Bahalia, Saur, Saharia, Sonar, Sanwara, Kharwar and Bhujia. The district has a lot of potential for mining activities as it contains Granite and Limestone rocks.district.


Anand Prabhu Vihar in Mahasamund, Chhattisgarh was built by Bhikshu Anand Prabhu during the period of Mahashivgupt Balarjun.



Anand Prabhu Vihar is a Buddhist temple in Mahasamund that has fourteen rooms. The entrance of the temple is decorated with two stone-carved dwarpaals (doorkeepers) on either side. The interior of the temple houses a six-foot-tall statue of Buddha touching the earth. All the fourteen rooms in the temple are elegantly and exquisitely decorated. Anand Prabhu Kudi Vihar attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world and from different parts of India.

How to reach

The best way is by rail or by bus


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