Arpa River has its origin in the lust-dense forest area of Khondari-Khongsara.

Arpa River is a Tributary of

It is a major tributary of the river Shivnath that meets with Mahanadi.

Origin of Arpa River

Arpa River originates from Khodri village of Pendraroad Gaurella block District GPM, (so many believe that, River originates from Village Amarpur near PENDRA) and flows to meet with Seonath River at Matiyari village of Bilha block of Bilaspur district


147 km of the river length.

Basin size 

141,600 km2 (54,700 sq mi)

it contributes more than 90 km to the forest area, including Bilaspur city and irrigated lands of this district before meeting to Seonath River.

the catchment area 

The river has a catchment area of about 2022 km2.


During the rainy season, its water level rises 2–3 meters up and in summer it moves 5 meters down.

The river bed is mostly sandy with a thickness of about 1.5 meters and few rock exposures at some places.


Kharang, Malaniya,Sonkachar


Gaurela-Pendra-Marwahi and Bilaspur 


Cities on the coast



Irrigation Project

Arpa-Bhainsajhar Project (Bhainsajhar village of Kota), the foundation of the scheme was laid in 1978–79 by Manharan Lal Pandey, the then Irrigation Minister in Madhya Pradesh.

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