Badal Mahal is an ancient palace ruin in Ratanpur Town in Bilaspur District in Chattisgarh State, India.

It is also called Satkhanda Mahal as per locals that time it was seven stories but now only two left.

During the Kulcuhri dynasty, the king’s family lived here.


This palace ruins is situated on Ratanpur – Kota road near Mahalakshmi Temple.


It was built by Rajsingh Dev, son of Takhat Singh, in the 16th Century CE.

He founded a small village and named the village as Rajpur.

He abandoned the Mahal after the death of his son, Vishwanath Singh.

It is also said that King Rajsingh built the palace for his Naga queen, Kajra Devi.

The palace is built in the form of a swing so that the queen can enjoy her time here.

But after the battle with the Britisher, they left the palace.

The Palace

The palace had seven stories, but only four stories survived the time. Stables for housing the horses can be seen near the palace.

The place is also known as Satkhanda Mahal.

There are some old idols that are also in a ruined state.

There is cave cave-like structure in which there is some old type of kitchen.

The kitchen area is too vast.

different pillars are also here.

How to reach

It is about 4 Kms from Ratanpur Bus Stand.

Ratanpur is on NH 130 and connects Bilaspur to Ambikapur.

Frequent Buses are available from Bilaspur.

Distance of Badal Mahal from Ratanpur


Distance of Badal Mahal from Bilaspur

Ratanpur is at about 25 Kms from Bilaspur

Distance of Badal Mahal from Bilaspur Junction Railway Station

30 Kms from Bilaspur Junction Railway Station

Distance of Badal Mahal from Bilaspur Airport

38 Kms from Bilaspur Airport

Distance of Badal from Pali

65 Kms from Pali

Distance of Badal Mahal from Raipur

142 Kms from Raipur 

Distance of Badal Mahal from Raipur Airport

159 Kms from Raipur Airport.


The palace is an example of historical memory. must visit this palace once you visit Ratanpur.

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