The Badalkhol Sanctuary is in the Jashpur district of Chhattisgarh state.

 It is at a distance of 90 kms from the district headquarters. 

This reserved forest was formerly the hunting ground of Jashpur Maharaj. 

Badalkhol Sanctuary has a total of 32 forest chambers, whose total area is 104.454 square kilometers.

 The entire area of the sanctuary is the catchment area of the Ib and Dodki rivers. 

This sanctuary was created in 1975.

 the climate of this place is completely favorable for wild animals and birds.

This place is a complete hill station, so people come to this place, especially in the summers for their vacations, there are residential houses of the forest department near Abhiraran in the village of Kurhati Pan.

There are 4 forest villages in this sanctuary, in which about 118 families reside.

 90 percent of the people in Vanagram belong to scheduled castes and tribes.

Trees in Badalkhol Sanctuary

In this sanctuary, there are mainly sal and mixed types of forests in which plants of Saja, Dhawda, Salai, Bija, Khamhar, Haldu, Arjun, Mahuha, Tendu, Amla, Char, Tinsa, Karra, Landiya, etc. are found.

Medicinal plants  in Badalkhol Sanctuary

Satavar, Tikhru, Black/White Musli, Ramdatun, and Chirayta are available in abundance.

Wildlife in Badalkhol Sanctuary

In this sanctuary, wild animals like leopards, chital, kotri, wild boar, wild cat, bears, hyenas, jackals, porcupines, rabbits, Goh, peacocks, etc. are here. Herds of elephants coming from Bihar and Odisha in this sanctuary use this forest area as a corridor.

Some migratory birds also come here.

It’s a good place for bird lovers.

Best time to visit Badalkhol Sanctuary

November to June

Scenic Spots

Gullu Falls 

12 km from Narayanpur. Located on the  River.

Churi Falls

11 km from Narayanpur. Located on the river.

Kailash cave

Basically, It is 60 kms in the east direction from Ambikapur city.

There is a place  Samarbar, where Kailash cave is amidst the natural forest Sushma.

the most  Saint Rameshwar Gahira Guru Ji build this by carving out the mountain rocks.

Shiva-Parvati temple in this cave is the place of Baghmada and many folk deities.

Here the month of sawan  Jalabhishek is performed by devotees of Lord Shiva.

Every day hundreds of devotees of Gahira Guru Ji come here for worship.

A huge fair is in Mahashivaratri.

 Badalkhol Wildlife Sanctuary Entry Fee

The fee is Rs 100 per person.

But if you with a camera and want to do photography or video then you have to pay rs 200 more


Badalkhol Wildlife Sanctuary Jashpur  Timings

It is open all day but timing may vary during the festive season or any special days.

timing 8:00  to 6:00


Safari Ticket 

For Children Rs 100 and for adults rs 200


Guides are always available in the Sanctuary


How To Reach

By Plane

The nearest airport from Jashpur is Ranchi.

By train

The nearest railway station from Jashpur is Ranchi and Ambikapur.

Ranchi railway station is about 150 km away from Jashpur.

By road

Badalkhor Sanctuary is on Jashpur-Ambikapur main road en route to Garden Block.

It is about 15 km from Bagicha.

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