A glimpse of Chhattisgarhi culture in Bade Tariya.

Tariya means pond, and Bade means big. Meaning, the bigger pond is called Bade Tariya in Chhattisgarh.

But Bade Tariya Kumhari, built on the lines of metro city, is a very beautiful place.

Your mind will become stable after reaching here.

Treasure of entertainment in one place.

The vibrant laser lights, jets of water from fountains, and multimedia shows. 

This will provide daily entertainment to the residents of the area.

 Mostly, the food stall, green walking tunnel, toy train, arch, and suspension bridge present on the campus.

So, this place is a unique confluence of natural heritage, culture, and modern infrastructure.

Bade Tariya is a beautiful place in the Kumhari of Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, Chowpatty, Green Tunnel, Musical, Fountain Laser Show, and Toy Train video to the people in Bade Tariya.

Projectors and magnificent parks are there. Along with this, a 70-year-old Peepal tree has also been revived from another place in Bade Taria.


Station Rd, Ward Number 15, Kumhari, Chhattisgarh 490042

Timing of musical fountain in Bade Tariya

There is a musical fountain show with a laser from 7.30 pm daily for the entertainment of the people coming to Bada Tariya. 

A fixed time limit for this program. 

The show will be for 13 minutes. 

Different themes in this show. 

The specialty of which will be the sight of laser and fountain sprays on the tune of music.

Catchment Area of Bade Tariya

Taria on 18 acres on the lines of Metro City

This stream is spread over 18 acres.

This place is a picturesque place on the lines of Metro City.


Illustration of the culture of Chhattisgarh in Bade Tariya

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel watched the musical fountain show with laser.

In this, the depiction of the culture of Chhattisgarh is brilliant.

From this, along with the culture of Chhattisgarh, the tourist places of Chhattisgarh can also be here.

The development work in Kumhari in the last four and a half years by CM Bhupesh has also been depicted.

The beauty of Chhattisgarh has once again got four moons.

Places to visit in Bade Taria Chhattisgarh 

There are many such small and big places in Bade Tariya. In which you and your family and children can enjoy a lot. Below we are giving their list and information. Please check once.

Laser with Musical Fountain
Green Tunnel
Suspension Briz
Bullet Toy Train
Lakshman Jhula

Laser with Musical Fountain

The main attraction here is “Laser with Musical Fountain”. In which a multimedia show of songs and music is done in a musical way with the help of laser light, which is quite beautiful and attractive to look at.

Laser With Musical Fountain is only twice a day. In this you are shown Chhattisgarh culture, minerals and natural sites. Whose entry fee is only Rs 10.

The showing time of this show is 07:30 pm. Whenever you come to visit Bade Tariya Kumhari Durg, then definitely take time out and visit here at night.

Bullet Toy Train Bade Tariya 

Bullet toy train is on the lines of Vande Bharat train. Its design is similar to Vande Bharat train. In which you will be charged some money and will be taken for 2 to 3 rounds of the entire big tariya. In this you can see all those places together, which are the center here.

Lakshman Jhula

Laxman Jhula has been built in the middle of this pond. Due to which the tourists feel like Laxman Jhula. The beauty of this bridge increases even more at night. When three colors of light are distributed in this bridge.


You will get to see all types of Indian and foreign food items in Chowpatty. Chhattisgarhi Miletus will also be seen here. People who are fond of food must try it here.

Big green tunnel Green Tunnel

At the very beginning of entering here, you will find an artificially made green tunnel.


Flowering plants are on its sides. Which is really very beautiful. Also, artificial grass are on floor. After walking in it you will not feel at all that it is man-made.

Other great places

When you visit here, you will find sculptures of animals and birds like elephant, lion, peacock.



Bade Tariya Kumhari Ticket Price

After reaching Bada Tariya, you will have to pay parking charges, entry fees and other charges as follows. Entry fees may increase or decrease depending on time or season.

Car, Bike Parking, Get Entry, Bullet Train & Other Programmed Charges –

Category Charges

Car Rs. 20.00/-
Bike Rs. 10.00/-
Get Entry Fees Rs. 20.00/-
Bullet Train Charges Rs. 30.00/-
Laser With Musical Fountain Rs. 20.00/-

 Main tourist places around Bade Tariya

There are many good tourist attraction places around them. Depending on which place you are staying, you will get to see very good places.


Tourist places in raipur

Purkhauti Muktangan – Here you can see exact replicas of all the tourist places and culture of Chhattisgarh. Which you will like very much.

Urja Park Raipur – An excellent tourist place for small children.
Nandan Van Jungle Safari – You can see wild animals like lion, tiger etc.
Guru Ghasidas Museum – A very good museum located under Raipur city. People come in large numbers to see it.

Tourist places in Durg-Bhilai

Matri Bagh – Durg is the best zoo of the city, which is very much liked by the people.
Shri Uwassaggharam Parshwa Tirth, Nagpura – This is a very famous temple.

Distance from Raipur to Bade Tariya?

10 to 15 Km.

How to reach

By Air

The nearest airport is Swami Vivekananda Airport.

By Rail 

The nearest railway station is Raipur Station.

By Road

The nearest Bus stand is Pandri.


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