‘Bar Dance’ is a major folk dance of Chhattisgarh.

This dance is by the Kanwar community.

The specialty of this group dance is that it is organized in the month of Magh at an interval of five years.

In an open space in the middle of the village, the Bhima deity is installed in the middle, and people of the Kanwar community dance and worship around it.

This dance continues for 12 consecutive days.

Finally, a collective feast was organized after sacrificing a goat every day.

Thousands of people from nearby villages worship Lord Bhima and pray for his well-being.

Changes in the tradition of sacrifice in Bar Dance

There was a tradition of sacrificing a buffalo to the head of the family at the change of generation.

Now this tradition has changed. Now symbolically, after cutting off the ears and tail of the buffalo, it is released into the forest.


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