Barsur Ganesha is in the Bastar district of Chhattisgarh and is famous all over.

Barsur is also known as the city of temples. 

Well, a very famous temple is here.

But the twin Ganesha temples of Barsur are probably unique worldwide. 

Two Ganesha idols are in this temple. 

The height of one is seven feet and the other is five feet. 

The artist has shown great artistry in making these idols.

About Barsur Ganesha

The origin of the word Barsur is from the word Balsuri.

Balsuri later became famous as Barsurgarh.

Actually, it is Dev Nagri because there are 147 ponds and 147 temples during the princely period, which is historical in itself.

In the ancient era, this city was vibrant and luxurious.

many temples and ponds were built 10-10 miles away by its rulers in all four directions of Barsur, which it is also called the city of temples and ponds.

It is said that they have been preserved and promoted by the Archaeological Department.

History of Barsur Ganesha

According to legend, this temple was built by King Daityendra Banasur of Chhindak Nagvansh. 

There was a close friendship between Usha, daughter of Daityendra Banasur, and Chitralekha, daughter of his minister Kumand. 

However, Lord Ganesha was the deity of both of them.

 So, seeing their unwavering devotion, King Banasur built a grand temple,

Which two idols of Lord Ganesha were installed here in the same place. 

Both the friends worship him.

Both these idols are monolithic.

Basically, they are sculptures made of rock without cutting and without joints.

It is said that the statue of the elder Ganapati was made for his daughter Rani and Princess Usha.

And the statue of the younger Ganesha for Chitralekha, the daughter of his minister. 

It is believed that Lord Ganapati was very pleased with the unwavering devotion of both his devotees Usha and Chitralekha, that is why the wishes sought with a true heart come true at this place.

In this statue, Ganesh ji’s upper right hand is holding Parashu and the lower hand is in Abhaya Mudra.

similarly, he is holding a mace in his upper left hand and a modak in his lower left hand.

A mouse is in a moving posture just below the statue.

The remains of temples are still seen scattered in this complex.

If the archeology department is to be believed, then there used to be six temples around this giant Ganesha idol during those times.

How to reach

Barsur is 24 kms from Geedam, which is 75 kms away from Jagdalpur on the way to Dantewada.

So, From here you can reach this temple by bus or taxi.

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