Bastar Palace, the residence of the royal very own family, is one of the attractions of Jagdalpur.

Bastar Palace is also one of the maximum vital historical sites in Jagdalpur.

This historic monument boasts charming artwork and architecture, complemented by splendid carvings and engravings on partitions and ceilings.

Surrounded by well-laid gardens and housing artifacts and collectible figurines that inform the story of beyond kings` glory, the palace invitations history-fanatics and travelers from some distance and wide.

Another unique function of the palace is that it glitters inside the daylight and appears specifically charming.

The palace is thought to be constructed by the rulers of Bastar once they shifted the kingdom’s capital from Barsur to Jagdalpur and the pleasant time to go to the palace is all through the Dussehra celebrations in autumn while it comes alive with festivities.


Bastar Palace

Bastar palace
Bastar palace

Dating again to prehistoric instances, the Bastar Palace was the leading administrative construction of the Bastar district. Constructed with the aid of the kings of Bastar, this palace is a well-known traveler vacation spot today.

Home to a number of the maximum stunning figurines, etchings, and drawings on the ceilings and walls, vacationers are acknowledged to be transported again to prehistoric instances while kings lived right here, administrating the complete district.

With huge corridors and a stunning lawn inside the front, the palace makes for a super day journey from Jagdalpur.

There are many artifacts like ornaments, guns, and garments turning the palace right into a type of museum for site visitors to advantage of greater in-intensity knowledge.

Make the saying `Live like a king` come genuine with the aid of touring right here for an afternoon and stay like a king.

Bastar Palace Jagdalpur is also a different ancient relic that is seen in Jagdalpur.

However,  the headquarters of Bastar Raja.

Build through the manner of approach of the rulers of Bastar State whilst the capital of Bastar State was shifted from Barsur to Jagdalpur.

Presently it`s miles maintained through the manner of approach of the government as a memorial.

Location of Bastar Palace

Bastar Palace in Jagdalpur of Chhattisgarh has a unique score in traveler places positioned in Chhattisgarh. Jagdalpur town is the number one and most famous town of Chhattisgarh kingdom placed in Bastar district.

Historical sites, and natural landscapes similar to the tribal manner of existence are traveler attractions.

The Bastar Palace of Jagdalpur inside the kingdom of Chhattisgarh tops all exclusive traveler places inside the region.


Ichhadhari Nag Nagin protects Bastar Palace

It is a famous notion that a big sum of money is buried inside the Rajmahal of Rajpur.

The wealth buried right here is included via way of means of the final king of the Serpent dynasty, Queen Ichchadhari, inside the shape of a serpent.

That’s why even nowadays the villagers are fearful of coming closer to the ruins of this palace.

Under Bastar improvement block, Rajpur is the village panchayat headquarters at the financial institution of Narangi River.

There are ruins of an antique palace inside the woodland location outdoors this village.

The ruins of the palace are scattered over approximate acres.

Local villagers additionally name it Cherkin Mahal.

There is a grand front gate in the front of the palace.

Bastar palace inside view
Bastar Palace inside view

Antique idols missing

Some researchers of Bastar say that the primary gate of Rajpur Palace is greater than the Singhdwar of Jagdalpur Rajmahal.

The residential part of the palace has collapsed, however, the statue of Lord Ganesha and Karnakotin Dev was used on a horse because the protector deity of the palace remains present.

But the antique idols mounted inside the six sections of Sindhwar have disappeared.

The palace is ancient

Some researcher shows that 1065 AD proves that Nagvanshi Bodragarh Naresh Madhurantak Dev had suzerainty right here.

He supplied the village Manikeshwari Devi temple in Rajpur for human sacrifice.

When the Chalukya kings invaded right here, the king and queen of that generation were killed inside the palace.

Till the 12 months of 1774, the Chalukya kings have been in ownership right here.

After this, the Bhonsle management of Nagpur was given ownership right here,



History of Bastar Palace

The tribal-ruled Bastar of Chhattisgarh has been dominated via way of means of royal households for an extended time.

Many ancient production works have additionally been performed right here via way means of the kings at exclusive times.

Under this, the Marathas occupied the palace constructed via way of means of Chhindak Nagvanshiya kings in Rajpur earlier than the 12 months of 1065, after the Chalukyas.

While residing right here for the entire 174 years, he saved sending paddy to Nagpur after amassing tax from the princely nation of Bastar.

The ruins of this palace are nevertheless found in Rajpur.


The Bastar Palace has a colorful record because its creation was within an early duration.

The palace was constructed via way of means of the kings of Bastar and served as an administrative headquarters of the Kingdom.

The call of the Palace has been derived from the Bastar district itself.

The rulers of the vicinity shifted the capital Barsur to Jagdalpur which brought about the development of the palace.

The drawings and carvings visible inside the Palace mirror the records of the nation in addition to enticing many travelers and records lovers.

The travelers can revel in records and way of life of the early duration via way of means of viewing the artifacts and relics of bygone rulers.

The museum for this reason has a wealthy and delightful ancient background.



The Bastar Palace is taken into consideration to fall below one of the best-built palaces.

It has stood and served the country since prehistoric times.

The engineering of the Bastar Palace may be very inspiring.

Visitors can find out the complicated definitions of the dividers and the top elements of the palace rooms.

The artwork and structure of the palace with carvings in addition to the huge pillars with carvings communicate lots approximately the grandeur of the ancient era.


Places nearby Bastar Palace

The Bastar Palace stands near many different visitor destinations.

These famous visitor places are very near the palace and are effortlessly accessible.

Chitrakote Falls

Kotumsar Cave

Dalpat Sagar Lake

Teerathgarh Falls

 Kailash Cave


The best time to visit 

The Bastar location stories excessive climatic conditions.

The fine time to go right here is at some stage in the winter season.

The weather is pleasant.

The temperature at some stage in the summertime season rises to 37 levels and makes it very difficult to tour.

And the great time to go to the palace is at some stage in the Dussehra celebrations in autumn while it comes alive with festivities


How to reach Bastar Palace

The Bastar Palace is obtainable from the predominant elements of the city.

There is a top-notch facility of transport for the site visitors who choose to visit this palace, there are various journey buses, vehicles, and taxis.

By Road

One can attain there thru street with the aid of using personal in addition to public transport like buses, cabs, and rickshaws.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is the Jagdalpur station that’s simply 17 km far from the palace.

By plane

The nearest airport is in Visakhapatnam.


Bastar Palace is also one of the maximum critical background sites in Jagdalpur.

This ancient monument boasts captivating artwork and architecture, with brilliant carvings on the partitions and ceilings.

Another area of expertise of the palace is that it glistens inside the daylight and appears specifically attractive.

The Bastar palace stands because of the satisfaction of Bastar and displays the opulent grandeur of the prehistoric technology of the region.

But, One must go to the Palace to get amazing enjoy and recognize the wealthy records of Bastar.


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