Battisa temple in Hindi literally means 32 pillared temples.

Barsur is a fond destination for one who loves history and ancient sculptures.

This tiny town is full of archaeological treasures.

This temple is believed to be of the period of Nagvanshiya Naresh Someshwar Dev of the 11th century. The temple stands on thirty-two pillars in the shape of a quadrilateral.

This monument is protected by the State of Chhattisgarh.

There are thirty-two pillars in the temple, which are of huge stones carefully carved in eight rows.

Outside the sanctum sanctorum, there is a fully decorated Nandi bull, while inside there is a very beautiful, unseen Shivling.

The Shivling is of stone and rests on a large mechanical system.

Just as a water mill rotates due to the fall of water, in the same way, this Shivling also rotates.

This means it is being rotated for several hundred years and it is rotating.

This Shivling rotates without any sound, without any friction, and with love.

The main gate of the temple is towards the east.

Description of Battisa Temple

‘Battisa Temple’ is one of the famous tourist places of Chhattisgarh state.

This temple stands on thirty-two pillars.

It is the only temple in the Bastar with two Garbhgriha and mandap.

The Garbhgriha is a square shape.

And jalhari shiv linga is in both Garbhgriha.

For entry, Three doors are in three directions.







Establishment Battisa temple

Almost around the 11th century

Other Information of Battisa Temple

The temple has thirty-two pillars, which are carefully on in eight rows. They are of only big stones.


This temple is of Bhagwaan Shiv.

As per the inscriptions available in the temple, this temple is from 1209 AD (Shaka Samvat 1130) by the Ganga Mahadevi, Queen of Nagavanshi ruler Someshwara Deva.

In the two pavilions here, the king and the queen worshipped Lord Shiva separately.

There are two Shivling of lord Shiva in two pre-arranged temples of this predominantly temple and a statue of Nandi is in the pavilion in front of them.

This temple is a holy pilgrimage site in Chhattisgarh.

Famous for its appearance and its ancient sculpture.

Battisa Temple is one of the rarest Hindu temples with two garbhagrihas.

How to Reach Battisa Temple

This temple is 33 kilometers from Dantewada. It is at Barsur, which is approx 100 km from Jagdalpur. You can take a cab to reach here.

By Air

Raipur and Vishakapattanam are the nearest major Airports, both these spots are equidistant to the district HQ Dantewada by road at around 400 KMs.

Jagdalpur is the nearest mini airport which has flight connectivity with both Raipur and Vishakhapatnam

By Train

Vishakapattanam has well connection by train to Dantewada the district HQs.

Two daily trains are available between Vishakapattanam and Dantewada

By Road

Regular bus services are available between Raipur and Dantewada on a very good road (400 Kms).

Dantewada also has connections with Hyderabad and Vishakapattanam through regular Bus services



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