Bhainsa-Darha, the heaven of Kanger Valley

There are three national parks in Chhattisgarh.

Among these three, the most beautiful one is Kanger Valley National Park.

Having spread up to 200 sq. km, the best part of this park is its geological formations.

This park is the home of some of the most exotic, spellbound, virgin caves of Central India.

Also, the park is the home of one of the most mesmerizing natural habitats of crocodiles and tortoises.

This park is the home of BHAINSA DARHA.


Being at Bhainsa-Darha……

Having an extent of up to 4 hectares of land on the Kanger River.

Bhainsa-Darha is actually a natural lake famous as the natural habitat of Crocodiles and tortoises in Chhattisgarh.

The area comes under the Koleng sub-range of forest which comes in between the extent of the Machkote range of forest and Kanger Valley National Park.

Being at Bhainsa-Darha feels like heaven.

It’s like paradise appeared on earth.

The whole place is covered by the lush green forest of bamboo.

where the inclination and bending of the tall bamboo trees over the lake.

seems like the whole creation is bowing its head on the feet of GOD for creating such a marvel.

After covering a large distance and traveling all over the valley,

Kanger River slows down before reaching Bhainsa-Darha.

Here the water appears very calm and quiet with hardly any movement of wild creatures nearby.

But really if you wanna see them alive with a lot of moves, do take a little amount of fish or ducks/gooses in order to offer as prey.

Then you will find the best moments of your journey and destination.

The known depth of this lake is 20 meters, so it is not advisable to go down and have some water sports. After covering some distance more, the beautiful Kanger River merges to river Shabari (Kolab) and puts an end of the journey of this beautiful valley.

 How to Reach Bhainsa-Darha

Bhaina-Darha is approachable in two ways:

The first one is from Kailash Cave road i.e. after reaching Kailash Cave Barrier, we have to travel 29 kms more on a unmetalled road in order to reach Bhainsa-Darha. The metalled one straight away goes to Kailash Cave after 6 kms.

Figure showing way to Bhainsa-Darha from Chainkoor Barrier(Kailash Cave Barrier)

The second way is from Gupteshwar i.e. from Jagdalpur to Gupteshwar(NH-30 route) it covers nearly 57 kms. From Gupteshwar, again you have to be in Machkote forest road itself and cover 12 kms more to

Koleng Sub-range of forest in order to reach Bhainsa-Darha.

For the ease of tourist, there are a lot of hotels in Jagdalpur providing cozy lodging and boarding and can provide some of the most exciting tourist packages all over in Central India. In addition to this, Govt. has also established motels and rest houses of CG Tourism Board and District Forest Department in the headquarters of Bastar.

The best time to visit

The best time to visit this marvel is from winter to the start of summer.



As this place, Bhainsa-Darha, comes between the Machkote range of Forest and Kanger Valley National Park, you can make one combined package and can enjoy the whole lush green dense forest beauty of Bastar.

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