Bhairamgarh Wildlife Sanctuary (BWS) is east of Bhairamgarh in the Bijapur district.

Area of Bhairamgarh

The sanctuary is over an area of 138.95 sq km.

Bhairamgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

In 1983, to ban excessive hunting and conservation of the extinct forest buffalo, the Bhairamgarh Sanctuary was administratively attached to the Indravati Tiger Reserve in 1995.

A wildlife tour of the BWS is a very good experience because of the unique qualities that are indigenous to Chattisgarh.

Nearly 44% of the total land area of the country is under forests.

Bhairamgarh Wildlife Sanctuary in Chattisgarh in India is like the other wildlife sanctuaries in the state as far as the beauty and biodiversity are concerned.

There are rare species of animals in this sanctuary and at times you come across rare plants.

One of the prime attractions at Bhairamgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Chattisgarh is the wild buffalo.

You can also find Hill Hynas.

The tigers and leopards are also available in this sanctuary, however, they are less in number.

Chinkaras can be easily sighted so can the Indian Gazelle and Chital.

Flora and Fauna

Various species of wild animals in the sanctuary include nilgai, sambar, gaur, barking deer, sloth bear, wild boar, jackal, and wild buffalo including striped hyena.

Similarly, ornithologists have also recorded the occurrence of various species of birds living in the sanctuary.

Important bird species found in the BWS include darters, woodpeckers, peafowl, jungle fowls, green pigeons, budgies, parrots, and storks, including migratory bird species.

The BWS includes mixed deciduous forest, teak forest, dry tropical riverine rainforest, and bamboo break.

Bhairamdev Temple in BWS

This temple is at Bhairamgarh in Bijapur and is a rock of Ardhanariswar carved on large boulders.

The image belongs to the 13-14th century AD.

It is an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

Within 500 meters of the temple, several sculptures related to the Nag Raj depict historical significance.

There is a rare image of Lord Brahma in the area.

Bhairamgarh Waterfall

The distance of Bhairamgarh Wildlife Sanctuary (BWS) from Raipur

about 430 km from the capital Raipur.

Distance of Bhairamgarh Wildlife Sanctuary (BWS) from Bijapur

It is approximately 50 kms. away from Bijapur

The best time to visit

October to May

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