Boridand junction, Asia’s smallest junction, is on the border with Madhya Pradesh.
Also, it’s miles extensively well-known for its Dal bada, the best few trains stop here, and best for a few minutes.

A beautiful Railway Station. Sleepy in the lap of nature. Forest and hills all around. They Awake when the train passes through, stops here for a while, or changes track for the Chirmiri. A station that marks the outermost boundary of Chhattisgarh with adjoining Madhya Pradesh. ‘Bara’ with Chutney is what people await at this station. It lies between the Ambikapur and Anuppur rail sections.
If you stop here, you will feel like visiting  Malgudi’s stories of railway station live. Only one railway shop is here.

So ‘Bara’ and Chutney preparation starts well before the train’s arrival.

However, you may clearly get your Bada by bada boys.

The junction is also clean and beautiful.

water is also available here.

There are three platforms.

One for up line and the second one for down.

Here are some trains that pass through Boridand railway station Durg Abkp Ex Pas, Chrm Bsp Pass, Abkp Durg Pas Ex, Rewa Chrm F Pas, Chrm Rewa F Pgr, Bsp Chrm Pass, Sdl Abkp Pass, and many more.

The general of trains that skip via the Boridand (BRND) junction is 29.


531 m above sea level




SECR/South East Central  




Location of Boridand junction

close to Manendragarh, koria Chhattisgarh

Station code 

 Boridand is BRND.

The number of platforms is there at the Boridand Railway Station (BRND)

There are a total of 3 well-built platforms at BRND.


Boridand Railway Station falls under the region of Indian Railways

Indian Railway has a complete 17 railway regions. Boridand Railway station falls beneath neath the South East Central Railway region.

A number of platforms are there at the Boridand Railway Station 

There are a complete of three well-constructed platforms at BRND.

The first train arrives at Boridand (BRND

Boridand Railway station has many trains scheduled in a day.

The first train that arrives at Boridand is at AMBIKAPUR – DURG Express Cum Passenger at 00:44 am

The last train depart from Boridand Railway Station

The last train to depart Boridand station is the ANUPPUR – MANENDRAGARH MEMU at 23:14 pm

Number of Halting Trains




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