Buka Lake (Buka Jal Vihar)is at the Bango Dam of Korba district.

Buka Jal Vihar is at a distance of approximately sixty-five km from the Korba

All in all mountains and forests amidst herbal splendor, this vicinity is an excellent picnic spot.

The management has made it higher via way of means of growing it.

Tourists from throughout Chhattisgarh such as Korba, and Bilaspur come here on a specific occasion or New Year.

Boating, horse riding, and boating prices in Buka Lake are very low and consistent by a person.

There is suitable lodging right here.

Buka has the power of Glass House.

From right here you may take staggering views.

You can discover many centers close to Buka Reservoir.

For the children, there are swings, sliders, and different devices withinside the park.

For different centers such as food, you may touch the workplace at Buka.

You can spend first-rate time right here with your own circle of relatives or friends.

Whenever you return back right here, take complete care of cleanliness.

Always the waste withinside the dustbin only.

Follow the policies right here.

More vacationer locations in and around Buka

More vacation locations are a long way from Buka Jal Vihar.

One can attain right here each.

Apart from Buka at the manner from Katghora to Ambikapur, the very best dam of Chhattisgarh, Bango Dam, stunning Kendai Waterfall, and Golden Island are here.

You also can go to Satrenga Picnic Spot, Golden Island, and Bango Dam via boating from Buka.

All those vacation locations are available in the Korba district and travelers from all around the country come to go to those locations.


Golden Island Buka Lake (Buka Jal Vihar)

Golden Island Buka Korba or say that Buka Watershed is part of Korba Bango Dam.

This Golden Island Buka is withinside the Chornai River.

Due to Evergreen Lake, humans come right here from a long way and huge to experience the water and spot the stunning view.

Enjoy the sundown right here.

People frequently come right here for camping, horse riding, and boating in Buka Jalvihar Korba.

Because of the small island at this place, is Buka Island.

For this reason, it’s far rising as a picnic spot.

The sun`s rays falling on the water make it brilliant like silver.

This view could be very stunning.

Nowadays the group of travelers will increase right here.

Fee to go to Buka Lake (Buka Jal Vihar)

buka lake
buka lake

Price listing on the test factor earlier than getting into the book.

The price for the ones touring Buka Jal Vihar has been constant via way of means of the Forest Management Committee.

The price is as follows.

one hundred rupees for massive automobile trucks, buses, and tractors.

50 for automobile, jeep, and auto.

A price of Rs 20 must be paid for a wheeler.

If any type of twist of fate occurs in this vicinity, then the woodland control isn’t always liable for it.

Buka Jal Vihar is within the center of the woodland, so there’s a hazard of animals here.

If you return back right here, be cautious in the manner.

Two roads close to Buka Lake

On attaining Buka the 2 roads meet.

The proper aspect is raw.

On attaining close to Buka Jal Vihar, there are roads in front.

One ends in the left aspect and the opposite to the proper aspect.

The avenue main to the left aspect is paved however its circumstance isn’t always very good.

Resorts, cottages, and different centers are to be had in this aspect.

The avenue main to the proper aspect is unpaved.

Going in addition from this avenue you get to the opposite aspect of Buka.

There are a few cottages right here.

The splendor of Buka also can be visible from right here.

Four Types of Houses to Stay in Buka

The board withinside the book, on which the facts of the residence are given in conjunction with the fee.

There are 4 sorts of homes for travelers to live in Buka.

These are withinside the shape of Lake House, Glass House, Hasdeo House, and Tent House.

Eco tourism, livelihood, and Jagran Chetna Manch, they may be run via way of means of the Forest Management Committee.

These rooms are to be had with each AC and Non AC center.

Food and drink centers also are to be had right here.

An adorable wood pool has been constructed close to the access gate main to the cottage.

Electricity is provided via sun electricity to the cottages and glass homes.

Therefore, travelers were requested to apply minimal electricity.

Some rules for sailing in Buka

Some policies were made for boating in Buka.

For example, if a person is intoxicated, he’ll now no longer be allowed to head boating.

Wearing a lifestyle jacket is obligatory for boating.

During boating, it’s miles advised to stay calm withinside the boat.

No greater than 12 human beings can take a seat in a motorboat.

Boating isn’t always allowed without a ticket.

Whenever travelers pass for boating, observe those policies.

Distance from Bilaspur to Buka Jal Vihar

Buka Jal Vihar is ready 220 km from Raipur, approximately 112 km from Bilaspur.

Distance from Korba to Buka Jal Vihar

It is ready sixty-five km from the Korba metropolis.

Distance from Katghora to Buka Jal Vihar

Approximately 35 km from Katghora.

Distance from Mandai to Buka Jal Vihar

Ambikapur is at the Bilaspur Highway in Mandai.It is 5 km from the lake.

Start of the manner from Mandai to Buka

Toll on way of Buka Lake

No toll

Parking in Buka Lake



How to Reach Buka lake (Buka Jalvihar) Korba

By Air 

The nearest airport is the Mana is at Raipur.

Railway route 

Korba is in Janjgir-Champa.


You can get a taxi to Buka lake

Korba – a hundred Km
Ambikapur – a hundred Km
Raipur – 230 Km
Janjgir-Champa – 119 Km
Katghora Korba – 35 Km
Bilaspur – one hundred fifty KM
Kendai Village – 10 Km

Nearby Place In Buka Lake (Buka Jalvihar) Korba

Kosgai Dai Temple 

Kosgai Mata Temple is withinside the mountain.

However, the distance can be around forty-six km.

Mata Bango Dam 

Buka Watershed is at a distance of 26 km from right here.

People come from a long way and huge to look it in the course of the wet season.

Rani Jharna 

Situated withinside the center of 3 mountains, you may attain this stunning waterfall after hiking for approximately 3-four kilometers in Rani Jharna.

Satrenga Picnic Spot

Satrenga Picnic Spot is at the opposite quit of this dam. Whose distance is sixty-five km via way of means of road.

Kendai Water Falls 

Very stunning waterfalls are at a distance of 30 km from right here.

Devpahari Falls

Famous for tourists, this waterfall is at a distance of eighty-five km from Mini Goa.

Buka Stay House & Pricing 

Rooms starting from the tent (camping) to the AC room is available in Buka.

You can live in line with your budget.

Whose pricing may be from one hundred fifty to 6000 consistent per person.

You can online book at Buka Stay House.


The fees for unique motors are as follows

Bike – Rs. 20
Car – Rs. 50
Bus/Truck – Rs. 100

Best Time to Visit Buka Lake

October to April.

Tourists may be visible playing each season right here.

The excellent time to go right here is from October to February.


Buka Lake Visiting Time

Time- 10 Am to 5 Pm.


Buka Jal Vihar, placed withinside the Katghora Forest Division, is an easy and nonviolent vicinity.

There isn’t any metropolis noise right here.

If you’re seeking out rest then this vicinity is excellent for you.


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