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 Cement Industry in Chhattisgarh is backbone of economy

The cement Industry in Chhattisgarh is the backbone of the state’s economy.  Many cement factories are in Chhattisgarh. The raw material for cement is available here in abundance.  The cement Industry in Chhattisgarh is in the private sector. Chhattisgarh has abundant limestone reserves supporting a strong cement sector.   5.4% of India’s total limestone reserves are here …

Indian pangoline
CGPSC Notes Different cultures of India

Indian pangolin the most trafficked mammal in the world

The Indian pangolin (Manis crassicaudata) is a species of pangolin found in the Indian subcontinent. Pangolins are unique mammals known for their protective keratin scales and diet consisting mainly of ants and termites. Here are some key facts about the Indian pangolin: Appearance of Indian pangolin  Indian pangolins are small, solitary creatures with a distinctive …

Folk dances of Uttarakhand
CGPSC Notes Different cultures of India Folk dance of India

Folk dances of Uttarakhand-preserved its culture

Folk dances of Uttarakhand – Like every culture, Uttarakhand has also preserved its culture through various mediums, so that future generations can know their great culture and civilization, playing a major role in this episode. Major dances of Uttarakhand like the Jagar dance show our faith in our Gods and Goddesses. And Sarro dance is …

Folk dance of Jharkhand
CGPSC Notes Different cultures of India Folk dance of India

Folk dance of Jharkhand shows own civilizational culture

Folk dance of Jharkhand The state of Jharkhand has its own civilizational culture which differentiates it from other states. Here walking is dance, and speaking is a song, that is, dance, music, and song go together in every move and behavior in Jharkhandis. Here the tribes of the Sadan and non-Aryan families have been living …

CGPSC Notes Different cultures of India

Pandavani- Chhattisgarhi folk-singing style

 Pandavani is a Chhattisgarhi folk-singing style.  Pandavani means the story of the Pandavas.  It narrates the story of the Pandavas of the epic Mahabharata. Whereas, in which Bhima is the main character.  These stories are the singing tradition of the Pardhan and Dewar castes of Chhattisgarh.  Pardhan is a sub-caste of Gond and Dewar is …