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Industrial Parks of Chhattisgarh
CGPSC Notes Chhattisgarh Different cultures of India economy

Industrial Parks of Chhattisgarh

Industrial Parks of Chhattisgarh A park is a project in which quality infrastructure facilities in the form of a combination of land or built-up space or common facilities are developed for the purposes of industrial activity and made available to all allotted units. Industrial Parks of Chhattisgarh   Snake Park- Industrial Parks of Chhattisgarh Location Tapkara …

CGPSC Notes Chhattisgarh Chhattisgarh Mixed Notes Different cultures of India economy

Economy of Chhattisgarh  

The Economy of Chhattisgarh is too well other to many states.  Chhattisgarh is one of the mineral abundant states in India.  There are large deposits of limestone, iron ore, copper, phosphates, manganese, bauxite, coal, asbestos, and mica.  Chhattisgarh has dolomite reserves of approximately 525 million tonnes, accounting for 24% of the total reserves.  Bauxite reserves …

folk game of Chhattisgarh
CGPSC Notes Different cultures of India

Folk game of Chhattisgarh reveal the art and culture

The folk game of Chhattisgarh is a game whose tradition is thousands of years old. And which has neither the address of the birth giver nor the land of birth. So, the game is from one generation to another, without the desire for any award or achievement, just for the entertainment of the players. For …

freedom movement in Chhattisgarh
CGPSC Notes Chhattisgarh history Chhattisgarh Mixed Notes Different cultures of India

Freedom Movement in Chhattisgarh

Freedom Movement in Chhattisgarh   The freedom movement in Chhattisgarh, like the rest of India, was a significant part of the larger struggle for independence against British colonial rule. While Chhattisgarh, as a distinct state, was formed much later, the region was actively involved in the freedom movement through various phases. Here are some key …