Chaiturgarh (Lafagarh) is about 70 km from Korba city. 

Basically, It is on top of a hill at  3060 m above sea level, 25 km north of Pali.

King Prithvideva I build this. 

So, It is one of the major historical tourist places of Chhattisgarh.

It is also known as Kashmir of Chhattisgarh.

This area is a remote place full of unique supernatural and natural scenes.

History of Chaiturgarh

Archaeologists consider it to be one of the strongest natural forts.

So, it is a powerful natural fortress, as all sides have strong natural walls. 

A descriptive list of inscriptions in the Central Provinces and Berar – gives a long genealogical list of the Kalachuris in the Kalachuri era 933 (1181–82 CE).

It mentions that there was a king in the family of Haihaya who had eighteen sons. 

One of them was Kalinga whose son Kamala ruled Tummana.

 Kamala was succeeded by Ratnaraja I and later by Prithvidev I. 

The Mughal Emperor Akbar captured the fort in 1571 and the Mughals ruled till 1628 AD. Chaiturgarh was built by King Prithvidev I.


More about Chaiturgarh

It is protected by strong natural walls all around.

Only in some places, high walls.

The fort has three main entrances known as Menaka, Humkara, and Simhadwar.

There is a flat area on the top of the hill, where there are five ponds out of which three ponds are with water.

The famous Mahishasura Mardini temple is also here.

The idol of Mahishasura Mardini, a 12-handed idol, is installed in the sanctum sanctorum.

Shankar’s cave is 3 km from the temple.

This cave is like a tunnel and is about 25 feet long.

The hills of Chaiturgarh are famous for their natural beauty and provide an adventurous experience.

Many types of wild animals and birds are found here.

SECL has constructed a rest house for the tourists visiting here and the temple trust has also made some rooms for the tourists.

The area of Chaiturgarh is full of supernatural secret caves, waterfalls, rivers, reservoirs, divine herbs, and medicinal trees. Even in summer, the temperature here does not exceed 30 degrees centigrade.

That is why it is called ‘Kashmir of Chhattisgarh‘.

This area with unique shades is also very remote.


Other tourist places 

Adishakti Mata Mahishasura Mardini Temple

Shankar Khol Cave



Shrungi Falls

How to reach Chaiturgarh

 By plane 

 Swami Vivekananda International Airport is 200 km from Raipur. , 

 By train 

 Korba is  50 km from the railway station and 55 km from the Bilaspur Railway Station. 

 By road

 It is  50 km from Korba Bus Station and 55 km from Bilaspur Bus Station.


Chaiturgarh is also one of the major historical tourist places of Chhattisgarh.

However, This area is an inaccessible place full of unique, supernatural, and natural scenes.

Apart from being supernatural, the area of Chaiturgarh is also very remote. 

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