Champaran is situated in the southeast of the district headquarters, it is situated just 10 km from Rajim.

Buses, autos, etc ply regularly to reach here. And there is also a short rail route from Raipur.


Statue of Shri Vallabhji in Champaran

This Champaran is a place of historical importance.

Vallabhacharya, the originator of Vaishnavism, was born here.

There were villages.

These were Tailang Brahmins and under the Taitriya branch of Krishna Yajurveda, it was Bhardwaj gotra.

Shri Vallabhacharya was born in the Champaran district of Raipur.

At that time, his parents were going to Kashi’s pilgrimage from the south.

Mahaprabhu was born on the way, here is also the sixth meeting of Mahaprabhu.

In the 20th century, his followers built a famous temple of Vallabhacharya.

Main door 

The famous temple of Champakeshwar Mahadev is near the meeting.

There is also a small river flowing in the temple of Mother Yamuna.

Here in the forest, one does not go wearing shoes and slippers.

The texture of the temple, its decoration, and its carvings are worth seeing.

This temple is famous for its texture, this temple is one of the famous temples in Chhattisgarh.

here trees and plants are not cut, you can see the example inside the temple, where the temple has been constructed without reaching the roof But Shri Vallabh is a cowshed.

In which a large number of cows are served and sick cows are treated and proper care is taken.

Here proper arrangements have been made for the comfort of the mother cow.

Here Gau Mata is being served selflessly by the temple committee.

This temple provides more glory to Chhattisgarh due to which

Here, a large number of tourists from the country and abroad also come to this place.

A very beautiful Dharmashala named Sudampuri has been constructed by the temple committees for the stay of the pilgrims, whose structure is quite beautiful.

Here every year on the day of Magh Purnima, a huge fair is organized here in honor of Mahaprabhu. attended by lakhs of devotees

This is the ancient place of Shri Champeshwar Bhole Nath.


A pictorial description of Mahaprabhu

After that, his guardian appeared in front of him. It was a happy coincidence that in Vaishnav Marg, the originator of Pushti Marg, Adi Shakti Shiv Shankar Mahadev Ji is considered the first Vaishnav. Through this incident that happened in front of Vishnu, Sarve Shakti Maan Parmeshwar proved that Shiva and Vishnu are two forms of Aadi Shakti. And this is the only Shaiva and Vaishnava combined pilgrimage site in the country.

Darshan Timings

Opening Timing – 07:00 Am

Closing Timing – 07:00 Pm

Dress Code

Traditional and Formal clothing


Tip to visit Champaran

It is believed that if a pregnant woman enters the place near it, she will have a miscarriage. Acharya Vallabhacharya is said to have been born due to a miscarriage when his parents passed through here on their way to a pilgrimage.


Other nearby attractions of Champaran

About 11 km from Champaran, there is an ancient made on Mahanadi, which has 116 gates and there is a very beautiful garden nearby, there is a huge statue of Hanuman ji, which is the main attraction here.


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