Chandi Mandir Balod

 Chandi Mandir, in the Gunderdehi area of the Balod district of Chhattisgarh, has become an example of Hindu-Muslim unity.

Here people of Hindu and Muslim communities bow their heads together.

Syed Baba’s tomb is at the total distance of the temple.

The special thing is that firstly the chadar from Chandi Mata temple goes to Syed Baba’s tomb.

Not only this, in this area whether it is a Hindu festival or a Muslim festival, everyone celebrates it together.

There is a green sheet with 786 written on it in the temple of Maa Chandi.

Location of Chandi Mandir Balod

There is an ancient temple of Maa Chandi in Gunderdehi, 30 kilometers away from Balod district headquarters.

Chandi Mandir Balod


This temple is hundreds of years old.

Syed Baba’s tomb is at some distance from this temple.

There is also a green sheet with 786 written on it inside the temple premises.

In this temple, people from both communities, whether Hindu or Muslim, bow their heads together.

People of both communities worship Goddess Chandi together with proper rituals.

The environment of the area is so good that to date there is never any fight in this area due to any particular religion.

People always live together.

Be it a Hindu festival or a Muslim festival, everyone celebrates the festival together.


Know the interesting story of this temple

According to local people when the kingdom of Raja Makhan Singh of Bastar was attacked, Thakur Nihal Singh defeated the enemies and drove them to the last end of Balod district.

Due to this Raja Makhan Singh was very impressed and gave the zamindari of Gunderdehi to Thakur Nihal Singh and he started taking command of 52 villages.

When Thakur Nihal Singh was in Ratanpur, he was a devotee of Mahamaya Mai and he had received amazing powers from Mahamaya Mai.

When he came to Gunderdehi, he prepared a temple and established Mata Chandi, the form of Mahamaya Mai.

Due to Thakur Nihal Singh gaining power, at that time all the people around him approached him with physical and domestic problems and Thakur Nihal Singh used to solve them.

He also used to worship Goddess Chandi every day.


The mystery of this temple is still hidden in the moon

A Muslim from Gunderdehi had passed away.

and all the people associated with him participated in his last journey.

people were sitting in the Ramsagar pond of Gunderdehi, and at that very moment, a moon was seen flying in the sky.

Then when the people attending the funeral went to the deceased’s house to bid farewell.

one of them saw the same moon in the pot used to drink water.

This information was given to Thakur Nihal Singh.

After which Thakur Nihal Singh closed that moon in a box and kept the box in his place of worship, Chandi Mata temple.

Since then, that box has been in the temple of Maa Chandi for hundreds of years and the box remains a secret even today.

No one has opened to date and considering it to be a sign of Baba Sayyid Baba, people have been worshiping him since then.

Worship is done in the temple along with Hindu-Muslim customs.

Even though the temple is known as the temple of Maa Chandi. But every day the priests there worship not only Mata Chandi but also Baba Sayyid with Muslim customs. A fair is held here during Chaitra and Kanwar Navratri. Where a large number of devotees come to pay obeisance. Once in a year, when Urs is organized in the nearby Dargah, the priests of Maa Chandi go to the Dargah and offer a chadar in the name of Baba Sayyid.

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