Chandi Mata Temple in Chhattisgarh is in Gunchapali Village, Mahasamund District.

Seeing the dedication of the bears, monks come from afar.

Temple is on a hill, this temple has a history of about 150 years.

Chandi Devi’s idol here is no wonder.

Devotees visiting the temple sometimes wait for hours to see the bears.

A bear comes during Aarti. 

chandi mata temple
chandi mata temple

Every year a fair is held here in the Navratri of Chaitra and Kwar months.

 and a large number of devotees come to light the flame and have darshan.

There are many temples in our country that are famous for their miracles and spiritual power.

However, the  Chandi Devi temple in the Mahasamund district of Chhattisgarh is famous for its daily happenings. 

In this temple, not only do people pay their respects, but the entire bear family is reaching every day. 

Hundreds of devotees arrive at the temple every day with longings, and the sight of the bears worshiping their mother is breathtaking. 

Let’s get to know these unique devotees of Mata… The bears visit Chhattisgarh’s Chandi Mata Temple every day.  

Bear devotees of Chandi Mata Temple

Navratri 2018 A family of bears from here devotes themselves to their mother, performs aarti and parikrama, and takes prasad. 

 It is said that for many years these particular devotees started coming to Mata’s temple as soon as evening.

Every evening during Aarti, the entire Bear family gathers.

They take prasad and return to the forest from there without harming anyone. 

 When the bear family arrives, one of the bears stands outside the temple while the rest of the bears enter the temple.

After that, the whole family also bypasses the mother’s idol.

Surprisingly, the bear comes to the temple and behaves with believers in a completely friendly way, like a pet. 

  The villagers tell Jamwant’s family. 

 After eating Prasad, the bear family quietly returns to the forest.

Villagers say the bears have never been mischievous and have never harmed anyone.

They express their dissatisfaction from time to time but never bother anyone.

The villagers started calling these bears the Jamwant family. 

  Wildlife experts say the encounters between bears and humans at Mata Temple are amazing.

He says that usually when a bear encounters a human in the woods, it has every chance to attack.

Bear treats believers as if they are members of the family.  

 The Chandi Mata was famous for its tantric sadhana. 

  chandi mata mandi

Villagers say that this temple was once famous for its tantric sadhana.

So, many sages and saints stayed there.

Tantric practitioners had previously kept the place a secret, but it was opened to the general public in 1950-51.

This south-facing 23.5-foot nature statue has a special religious significance.

Chandi Mata  Mother Adishakti Temple was famous for Tantrokta Siddhi.

Where only Tantrik and Aghori come and go.

Pravesh Dwar 

chandi mata temple
chandi mata temple

Surrounded by many small hills, this Chandi Mata temple boasts a very beautiful view.

The passage between the two hills in front of Chandi Mata  Temple will give you an unforgettable experience. 

 At the beginning of  Chandi Mata Temple, there is a Mahadev lingam decorated with golden flowers.

Here you can see the nearby dam and be mesmerized. 


Near Chandi Mata Temple Tourist Center 

 Maa Hallari Temple

Chandi Mata Gunchapali Temple  is easily accessible 15 km from Baghbahara,  

When is the best time to visit Temple? 

during Navratri 

 Bear watching time at Chandi Mata Temple 

 After 4:00 pm every day

Distance of Chandi mata mandir from Raipur 

Raipur is 95 km from Chandi Mata Gunchapali

How to reach 

by air

The nearest airport is Raipur.

by train

The nearest railway station is Mahasamund.

By road

National highway NH253 is 40 km from  Mahasamund district and 95 km from the capital Raipur.


 this temple is not very high, even children and the elderly can climb it easily, so the whole family can go there comfortably. 

Beware of bears. 

They don’t do anything but be careful when approaching him. 

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