Chandraditya Temple is an 11th-century temple.

It is by the feudal lord Chandraditya and got its name after him.

 Among the many idols of Barsur style here, there is a grand idol of Hari-Hara, a combined image of Vishnu and Shiva at the door of the sanctum sanctorum.

 Mahishasuramardini from the fragmented idol, which is locally called Danteshwari.

Chandratiya Temple is a Hindu temple in the city of Barsur.

The temple is dedicated to one of the major deities of Hinduism, Shiva, also known as Mahadev.

Barsur is on the bank of the Indravati River and the temple is on the bank of the Buddha pond.

The temple is after Mahamandleshwar Channdraditya, a feudal chieftain at the time.


 There is an inscription on Barsur dating from Shaka Samvat 983 (1068 AD) in Telugu script.

The inscription says that Mahamandleshwar Channdraditya Maharaj, chieftain of  Nagvanshi ruler `Dharavarsha’ and head of the Telugu Chodd family and Amma village, dug a reservoir and built this miraculous Shiva temple in the center of the city.

He purchased a village from Rajadhiraja and donated it to meet expenses incurred in building the temple.

 The word Barsur is said to have originated from Balsuri, who later became known as Balsurgarh.

In the regions of Chhattisgarh and Dandakaranya, inscriptions and coins distributed by the kings of the Nala dynasty have been found.

A king of the Nala dynasty named Bhavdatt Varman conquered many places in southern Bastar.

In  AD 850, a Gangavanshi ruler from the Odisha region invaded the Dandakaranya region and established his own kingdom, one of his sons started to rule Bastar and made the village of Barsur on the riverbank.

Indravati became their capital.

 The influence of the ancient capital can be seen on this day.

The Gangavanshi rulers built many temples in the area, of which  Chandraditya Temple is one that has not been completely destroyed.

 The architecture of Chandraditya Temple

 The temple is near a pond called ‘Buddha Talab’.

The structure of the temple is on a high platform.

The temple or Garbhgriha is on a foundation with a cylindrical mandapa from the front.

A Nandi idol stands opposite the temple.

The outer wall of the temple has an image of the god Brahma and is beautifully rendered with images of Lord Vishnu, Prajapati Daksha, Uma – Maheshvavara, erotic sculptures, and some other images from the Hindu Temple.

 Location of Chandraditya Temple

 The temple is about one kilometer from Battisa Temple, 21 kilometers from  Geedam Bus Stop, 22 kilometers from Geedam, 27 kilometers from Geedam Railway Station, 41 kilometers from Dantewada, and 79 kilometers from Bastar.

 There is a lake right next to the temple called Buddha Talaab.

The temple is in Barsur,  known as the city of temples. Barsur is near the Indravati River in the Dantewada district of the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh. 

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