Here is Chapi Dam from Ratanpur about fourteen km from Ratanpur Chhattisgarh. 

It is a totally exceptional and herbal vicinity placed in Pendra Road, that’s a reservoir.

 Chapi Reservoir is placed in Chapora, a village adjoining Ratanpur.

that’s an excellent and delightful visitor middle in addition to a picnic spot. 

totally exceptional and appealing vicinity withinside the picnic spots around Bilaspur in which humans come to look at the stunning view of nature at the side of a picnic. 

This is the second dam placed close to Ratanpur, 

this is,  reservoirs are placed in Ratanpur, one is Khutaghat Dam and one is Chapi Dam placed in Chapora. 

Due to being near Ratanpur, devotees coming right here should go to Chapi Dam.

Chap Dam Picnic Spot Near Bilaspur 

This reservoir given the aid of using nature could be very stunning.

you may experience picnics or vacations with your own circle of relatives with the aid of using staying right here for sightseeing, fishing, campfire, nature camping, and staying withinside the center of nature.

Resthouses are also available.

This Chapi Reservoir could be very well-known as a visitor destination.

because of being far from the city, it’s far crowded.

this is why there are lots of crowds, particularly on New Year and Valentine`s Day.

those from a long way and huge have fun right here.

You can also do boating.

History Of Chapi Dam

 This reservoir changed into built approximately 18 years in the past for the duration of the reign of Ajit Jogi.

On August 14, 2003, it changed into absolutely finished and ready.

The period of this reservoir is ready at 2160 m. and the intensity is 1542 m.

Two canals additionally emerge from this reservoir, the period of the primary canal is ready at 14 km.

And the period of the minor canal is ready 24 km. 

More than 14 surrounding villages are taking advantage of the water garage of Champi reservoir,

the water utility for agriculture.

in addition to lots of different works in those villages.

Movie shooting

 We have come to realize that a few Chhattisgarhi movies also are being shot right here.

Artists of Chhattisgarh have additionally come and shot many album songs of their Chhattisgarhi movies.

which is an appropriate vicinity to shoot photos

so that you also can come right here for image shooting.

Distance of Chapi Dam from Bilaspur

Dam is 38km from Bilaspur

Distance of Chapi Dam from Ratanpur

Dam is 14 km from Ratanpur

How to Attain Chapi Dam 

This is a totally stunning reservoir (dam) in the Bilaspur district in Chapora. 

Ratanpur is simply 14 km from Mahamaya city.

It is ready 38 km from Bilaspur city.

 It is at the manner to Pendra Road.

 Here you may attain Chapora village with the assistance of a bus or with the aid of using any manner of wheeler or 4 wheeler from which best 1 km. 

This stunning reservoir is at a distance from Ratanpur, you may aid of using a taxi.


If you need to look at the splendor of nature, then this vicinity is appropriate for you.

This stunning reservoir is a totally stunning and proper visitor vicinity of Bilaspur district.

All in all, You should come right here.

Basically, This is a picnic spot in which you may come and spend time together with your own circle of relatives.

So, By coming right here, you’ll have peace of thoughts and a statement of nature.

Ideal place for a picnic, bonfire, site seeing, trekking, film shooting, and also for meditating.

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