Cherki Mahal, Bhoramdev, Chhattisgarh

Cherki Mahal is another Shiva temple, at a distance of one kilometer to the southwest of Madhava Mahal.

But, This temple was constructed during the 14th century AD during the Phani Nagavanshi dynasty.

The temple is dedicated to the Cheras, a group of nomadic herders who lived in the region.

A lingam is installed in the middle of a small tank in the sanctum sanctorum.

The main entrance of this temple is in the east direction.

The walls are made of plastered bricks and are richly ornamented.

It is smaller in size of Bhoramdev Temple and Madwa Mahal.

The architecture and sculptures of the temple have also led scholars to speculate that the temple was built around the same time as the Madwa Palace.

There is a lotus decoration on the ceiling of the sanctum sanctorum of the temple.

The entrance verandah has also many aesthetically pleasing repeated patterns.


This temple is in the Shankari-Cherki basin in the village of Chaura (ancient Chawarapur) near Madwa Mahal.

It cannot be easily discovered as it is in a densely forested area.




The Cherki mahal is an east facing.

Also brick and stone structure with no ornamentation on its outside.

On plan, it consists of a Garbhagrha (sanctum).

Perhaps, the original structure had an Ardhamandpa (entry hall) or a mandapa (hall).

It rises into a tall pyramidal superstructure (shikhara).



Shikhara of Cherki Mahal

Unlike Bhoramdeo and Madwa Mahal, this temple is devoid of sculptures, except its doorjamb.



Cherki Mahal, Doorway to the Garbhagrha

The lintel exhibits Ganesha, Gajalakshmi, Ardhanareshvara.

The Grabhagrha also houses a Ganesha sculpture in a niche on the north wall. 


Garbhagrha Enshrining Sivalinga and Dislodged Sculptures of Ganesha and Seated Male

The Cherki Mahal is massively restored, which complicates its original architectural composition and affiliation.

Its also association with the nearby sites of Bhoramdeo and Madwa Mahal remains little known.

However, its relationship with the local communities remains strong. 

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