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Satpura Range
CGPSC Notes Chhattisgarh Different cultures of India Geography

Satpura Range is range of hills in central India

The Satpura Range is a range of hills and mountains in central India. It is one of the major east-west mountain ranges in the country, extending across the states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, and Gujarat. The Satpura is part of the larger Deccan Plateau. About the Satpura Range Geography The Satpura stretches for about …

rabo dam
Chhattisgarh Dam Different cultures of India Geography Place in Chhattisgarh Travel

Rabo Dam across the river Kelo near Raigarh

Rabo Dam, Raigarh Fulfill the water requirement of 1000 MW Thermal Jindal Power Plant.  this Rabo Dam is on Kurk River about 25 km away. One can watch nice sunset behind the hill range at Rabo Dam.  Distance from Ram Jharna is a journey of around 20 km and generally takes 30-40 minutes.  There is …

Soils of Chhattisgarh
CGPSC Notes Chhattisgarh Different cultures of India Geography

Soils of Chhattisgarh

Soils of Chhattisgarh There are 5 types of soil found in Chhattisgarh Red yellow soil, sandy soil, black soil, laterite soil, loamy soil, red yellow soil, local name – Matasi. Soils of Chhattisgarh Chhattisgarh in about 55%. Chhattisgarh in central India, has diverse soil types due to its geographical and climatic variations. The state is …

Rudri dam
CGPSC Notes Chhattisgarh Dam Geography Place in Chhattisgarh Travel

Rudri Dam lifeline of four districts

Rudri Dam or Rudri pick-up weir is one of the oldest irrigation projects on the Mahanadi in Chhattisgarh.  This dam is in the heart of the Dhamtari district of Chhattisgarh state.  This dam is in operation since 1915 AD.  Rudri Barrage replaced Rudri Dam in 1993 AD.  Drinking water is also supplied to Raipur, the …