Chherchhera” is a major festival in Chhattisgarh
The full moon day of Pausha month is celebrated as food donation.

Aslo harvest festival to celebrate the arrival of the new crop.

It is to celebrate the happiness and joy of taking crops to their homes after cultivation.

On this day, youths go from door to door performing Danda dance and ask for food donation.

People celebrate the cultivation of crops and spread joy among each other.

People also donate green vegetables along with paddy on this day.

Due to paddy milling, there is a stock of paddy in every house in the village, due to which people donate ‘Chher Chhera’ to those who ask.

‘Chher Chhera! ‘Kothi ke paddy la herer hera!’ This voice echoed in the rural areas.

History of Chherchhera

 According to the manuscripts of Babu Revaram, there was a dispute between the king of Kalchuri dynasty “Kalyansai” and the king of Mandal, and after this the then Mughal ruler Akbar called him to Delhi.

Kalyansay stayed in Delhi for 8 years.

After 8 years Kalyansay returned back to the capital Ratanpur.

When the people got the news of the king’s return, the people reached the capital Ratanpur with full celebration to welcome the king.

Seeing this love of the people, Queen Phulkena made it rain with gems and gold coins and the queen invited the people to come on that date every year.

Since then, Chherchera festival was started to commemorate the arrival of the king.

When the king came home, the time was such that the farmers’ crops also came home from the barns, and thus our fields and barns also got involved in the celebration.

Mythological belief

According to mythological belief of Chherchhera, on this day Lord Shankar met Mother Annapurna. Had asked for alms, today is Maa Shakambhari Jayanti. Mother Durga had taken the incarnation of Shakambhari to provide relief from famine and severe food crisis on earth. Therefore, she is also worshiped as the goddess of vegetables and fruits.




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