Like the well-known waterfalls of Jatmai Ghatarani, there’s a completely lovely wet spring at the Gariaband-Raipur road, that’s regionally referred to as the Chingra Pagar waterfall. 

This area comes under the Gariaband block.

This waterfall rips the mountains inside the centre of Kachana Dhurva and Barika forest.

Almost 3km are in dense forest and with stony and kuchcha road.

It draws the thoughts of the philosophers falling from a peak of approximately a hundred and ten feet. 

Due to the immoderate accumulation of water inside the rains, the rumbling sound of the water of this spring falling from the centre of the mountains may be heard for an extended distance. 

Its splendour captivates the people. 

Due to this, the reputation of this waterfall is growing daily with the aid of using day.

Picnic Spot

 The call of this Chingra Pagar waterfall additionally comes withinside the foremost and fine picnic spot placed around Raipur. 

This waterfall is likewise a picnic spot. 

People from ways and huge come right here for a picnic, because of the right association of water, it stays a picnic spot middle at some stage in the year.

 The citizens of the encircling region are well aware of this place.

The best time to go to the Chingra Pagar Falls

By the way, all season you can come right here, it’s going to provide you with a completely fascinating feeling. 

But throughout the wet season, because of the excessive quantity of water logging inside the mountains, its water movement appears very massive and attractive.

But the roads are too slippery.

Be careful while driving.

it gets dry during the summer season.


As Buruka village is on a state highway one can get good hotel lodges and restaurants.

Distance of Chingra pagar waterfall from Raipur

Almost 78 km

Distance of Chingra Pagar Waterfall from Gariaband

12 kms

How to attain Chingra Pagar Falls

By Road 

This is also a very lovely waterfall.

It is after strolling three km from Baruka, approximately 15 km on shifting closer to Raipur from Gariaband. 

By Rail

After attaining Gariyaband railway station, you furthermore may get the vehicle bus, from which you may attain Raipur for 15 km. 

By Air

 The nearest airport is Swami Vivekananda Airport in Raipur.

So, from Gariaband connection by bus or train.


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