Computer quiz online mock test in Hindi

Please take in the Computer quiz online mock test in Hindi which helps you to prepare for Quiz.

This Quiz contains Computer science quiz questions with answers multiple choice for Government Exam.

This multi choice quiz enhance your preparation for upcoming CG Vyapam exam Computer quiz section.

Computer quiz Hindi

Here is the Computer quiz Hindi. Please have a look and be ready for future Government exams.

1. Question
Which of the following work as like a Mouse ?

a) Keyboard
b) Track ball
c) Light Pen
d) None of these

2. Question
It is not an anti – virus Software :-

a) Kaspersky
b) AVG
c) Quick Heal
d) Opera

3. Question
It is not an output device :-

a) Multifunction Printer
b) Flex Printer
c) Web Camera
d) Plotter

4. Question
An e-mail account can not be opened using the following :-


5. Question
Which of the following is not the function of computer?

a) Inputting
b) Understanding
c) Processing
d) Outputting

6. Question
Which of the following is for standard storage capacity ?

a) Floppy Disk – 144 MB
b) CD – 700 MB
c) DVD – 4.7 GB
d) Blue -Ray Disc -25 GB

7. Question
Which statement is true for a Boot Virus ?

a) It is computer program
b) It infects boot records
c) It is most active when a computer is booting .
d) All of these

8. Question
Full form of Optical disk DVD is:-

a) Digital Volume Disc
b) Digital Versatile Disc
c) Digital Vector Disc
d) Digital visual Disc

9. Question
Real time systems must have :

a) preemptive kernels
b) non preemptive kernels
c) a or b
d) neither a nor b

10. Question
A reduced -size version of an image is called a :-

a) Clipart
b) Bitmap
c) Thumbnail
d) Portable Network Graphics


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