The first Crocodile Park of the state is in Kotmisonar village of Akaltara block of the district from the point of view of natural breeding and conservation.

Since It was established in the year 2006.

Later, 125 acres adjacent to the crocodile park there is a science park.

So, People get interesting information about science, solar energy, and other information in the park.

That’s why it is a center of attraction for adults as well as children.

About Crocodile Park

There are almost 500 reptile species of crocodiles in the Crocodile Park, which are quite shy in nature.

However Underwater, they spend hours waiting to attack their potential victims.

These crocodiles can stay hidden underwater for hours without breathing.

May-June is their breeding season.

But They lay their eggs in a pile of sand on the island built in the park.

This time about 50 new babies have been born.

Forest Department officials say that male crocodiles only eat children.

Because of this, their number is not increasing in the proportion in which it should increase.

This park is the second largest crocodile park in the country after Chennai, where about 60 thousand tourists come every year.

By plane

Raipur Chhattisgarh is the nearest Airport

By Train

Kotmi Sonar is the nearest Railway station

By Road

10 km from Akaltara



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