Dalha Pahad

Dalha or Dalha mountain is in Dalhapodi village of Akaltara Tehsil of Janjgir Champa district of Chhattisgarh state.

 As it is very famous among the people of Chhattisgarh state due to religious beliefs. 

This is also very important place from a religious point of view.

 There are only two places in the state of Chhattisgarh where the fair is held in Nag Panchami, one of which is Dalha mountain.

The height of Dalha mountain is about 700 meters i.e. 13123 feet.

whose local beliefs are quite high. 

Muni’s ashram is very famous along with Suryakund.

 Where Guru Ghasidas, the founder of Satnami Samaj, gave his last sermon in Dalhapodi itself. 

People from far and wide come here to reach the top of this mountain and to see the view around the mountain from above.

especially on the day of Mahashivaratri and Nag Panchami, there is more crowd here.

Nagpanchami on Dalha Pahad

 On the occasion of Nagpanchami, the glory of the Suryakund located in Dalha is considered the most.

 Thousands of people walk through mountains, forests, and stones to drink water. 

After walking such a long way, one has to climb four kilometers of stairs. 

Along with this, there is also a belief that people remain healthy by drinking the water of the kund on the day of Nagpanchami. 

And people have such a belief that any kind of disease can be cured by drinking water here. 

With this hope, every year lakhs of devotees come here on the day of Nagpanchami walking many kilometers on foot to drink water from the kund. 

Everyone comes here to visit Dalha Baba.

along with this, bathing in Surya Kund is considered very auspicious.

there is a very good atmosphere here even on the day of Aghn Shukla.

Havan is also here on this day. 

Events are held on the ashram premises. 

A flag longer than that is also hoisted.

another special thing about the ashram is that here on the call of Baba, langurs (monkeys) come to him, and as soon as Baba calls him, the monkeys reach him running to eat.

Beliefs of Dalha Pahad

Many stories and supernatural secrets of Dalha mountain are famous.

experts believe that Dalha mountain has been formed by geological activity ie volcanic eruption.

since Janjgir Champa area is a plateau area and limestone is also there in large quantities. 

This is also the reason that limestone is found exclusively in the rocks of Dalha mountain.

So, if we talk about this mountain and its beliefs,  Dalha Baba is sitting on this mountain of Dalhagiri or Sundargiri.

here you can see many temples under and around the Dalha mountain. 

Ardhanareshwar Temple, Shri Siddha Muni Ashram, Nag-Nagin Temple, Shri Krishna Temple, etc. are very famous.

In the temples, there are also two kunds Pawan Kund and Surya Kund.

as well as considering that both the kunds are very sacred and miraculous.

and it is also believed that the water of these kunds remains the same throughout the year and never dries up. 

It is the belief of the people that by drinking the water of these pools, the biggest diseases and sorrows go away.

Mysterious stories related to Dalha Pahad

There are many hidden things in Dalha mountain, which have not been detected to date. 

It is believed that Guru Ghasidas ji did penance here

And also gave his last sermon in this Dalhapodi. 

The climb of the mountain is about 4 kms. m. 

In different parts of this mountain, it is said that there are ten pools all around, out of which only 8 have been found so far. 

Till now no one knows where the remaining two kunds are located. 

Apart from this, it is also said that there are two ponds in the mountain, out of which only one pond is visible, the other pond has become invisible.

 it is also said that there is a miraculous temple in Dalha mountain, which no one can reach. 

 It is believed that this temple was built by a rural couple who looked after the temple. 

After his departure, the temple was not taken care of and now there is no way to reach the temple, this is the reason why it has become very difficult to reach that temple at present, till now very few people have reached that temple.

Hotel near Dalha Pahad

Madhav Lodge

Hotel Grand Gulmohar


How to reach 

Dalha Pahar is in Akaltara Tehsil in Janjgir Champa district.

where you can reach it by any means from bus to two-wheeler, and four-wheeler vehicles.

 this place is about 40 km from Bilaspur district.

 And Janjgir is about 36 km from Champa district headquarter. 

It is also accessible by taxi from Akaltara Railway Station,


 If you are fond of hills, then you would love to climb high hills and see the surrounding environment from its peak. 

If you are very fond of nature, then you must come to Dalha Pahad.

 Believe me, the beauty of the plains will take your mind away with an exciting feeling. 

Here you will also get to see many secrets, it is so high in height that by reaching its summit, you can admire the beauty of the surrounding areas. 

We believe that there is no special way to reach its upper peak, due to which it is a bit rare to reach here, but it can be reached here.

 It is the highest among the surrounding hills, this is also its special thing.

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