Dalpat Sagar Lake is in Jagdalpur and was formed  400 years ago. 

The island has an ancient temple located in the center of Dalpat Sagar. 

 Dalpat Sagar Lake in Jagdalpur is one of the largest artificial lakes in Chhattisgarh. 

It was built over 400 years ago by King Dalpat Dev Kakatiya to store rainwater. 

The island has an ancient temple located in the center of Dalpat Sagar. 

Temple of the local goddess. 

It is located on an island, and you have to take a kayak or fishing boat to get there. 

When a person comes here, he stands on the island and perfectly feels the surrounding beauty. 

The  Chhattisgarh government has provided pedal boats and motorboats to enjoy Dalpat Sagar.

The  Chhattisgarh government has created an island in Dalpat Sagar where people can sit, relax and enjoy the beauty of the lake. 

The island has coconut groves, lighthouses, and musical fountains. 

You can spend a few hours and enjoy the sunset on the island, where musical fountains give the island a unique beauty and attract many tourists. 

For nature lovers, the best time to visit the lake is during sunset when it is lit up with colors and presents a very ethereal sight.

A small lighthouse and an attractive musical fountain on the island add to the beauty of the lake.

The lake is too green and clean. 

The lake is used for yoga and meditation.

kids can also play in this area.

You can enjoy fishing and boating.

Area cover

approximately 350 acres

Time Required

2-3 hours

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How to reach Dalpat Sagar Lake

 The lake is in the city of Jagdalpur.

Road access is straightforward and road connections are excellent.

The lake is only a 15-minute walk from  Jagdalpur Railway Station and is easily accessible.

You can visit the lake by public transport such as a bus or taxi, or by private transport.

The easiest way to get to the lake is from Jagdalpur Railway Station.

Best time to visit Dalpat Sagar Lake

 The best time to visit the lake is from August to November, just before winter.

The water level is perfect for active tourist activities.

The climate is warm and pleasant.

The temperature ranges from 22 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Most people visit the lake at this time of year.

Part of the lake dries up in summer, and heavy rains during the rainy season make it impossible to visit or boat. 

 Places to visit Dalpat Sagar Lake

 Dalpat Lake is very close to many of Chhattisgarh’s popular tourist attractions. These include  Kanger Valley National Park,  Kailash, Kutumsar, and Tiratgarh Falls. This place is very beautiful and important. They are very close to the lake and can be reached by road. 


Visit the lake during the day from 06:00  to 06:00.


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The lake is the main source of water for local people.

But a source of livelihood for local fishermen.

The lake has also a role in the development of tourism in Chhattisgarh.

You can visit the lake and witness its magnificent beauty.

Such experiences can refresh and enrich the mind. 

Sunset and sunrise views are too good. 


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