Danteshwari Mata Temple is in Dantewada, Chhattisgarh.

It is said in one of the 52 Shakti Pithas that the tooth of Mother Sati had fallen here.

Basically, This is the reason that the name of this district also became Dantewada.

Danteshwari Mata is the most worshiped and respected goddess of the Bastar region.

This temple is also one of the oldest temples in Chhattisgarh which is very important for the Hindus and especially for the tribals of Chhattisgarh.


Location Danteshwari Mata Temple

Mata Mandir is at the confluence of Dankini-Shankini, about 84 km from Jagdalpur city in the Dantewada district.


Maa Danteshwari Temple

Danteshwari Temple is near the confluence of the Dankini and Shankhini rivers in Dantewada, Chhattisgarh.

The idol of Mata in the temple is made of black granite stone with hexagons.

The idol of Danteshwari Mata has 6 arms, out of which the right hand holds a conch shell, sword, and Trishul.

However, the left hand is a bell, Padma, and rakshasa respectively.

There is a silver umbrella over the idol, the clothes are decorated with ornaments.

Mangal Aarti of Mata ji is performed daily with adornments.

On both sides of the gate, there is an idol of Dwar Pal, who is standing with a snake in one hand and a mace in the other.

The temple is divided into four parts viz.



main hall


The Garbha Graha and the Mahamandapa are of the same stone.

Apart from all these, the temple has idols of many other gods like Ganesha, Shiva, Vishnu, Bhairav, etc.

It is forbidden to wear stitched clothes in the sanctum sanctorum of this temple, where men go to the temple only wearing dhoti or lungi, so before going to the temple, you must learn to wear dhoti. Apart from the Danteshwari temple, there are many other temples like Maa Bhuneshwari temple, Bhairav temple, etc.

It is the belief of the local people that after worshiping Danteshwari Devi, it is necessary to visit Bhairav Baba, otherwise, the worship is not considered complete.

The idol is carved with Lord Narasimha inscribed on its upper part. Apart from this, there is a silver umbrella over the idol of the goddess.


Before Holi, a nine-day festival called Phalgun Madai is organized here. This festival is fully equipped with tribal culture and tribal heritage. Every day during this festival, Mata Danteshwari’s doli with about 250 gods and goddesses goes on a city tour. Tribal communities celebrate this festival with great pomp through dance etc. Every year during Navratri, on Panchami Tithi, Gupta Puja is organized here. Only the priests of the temple and their assistants are present in this ritual. Common people are prohibited from entering the temple during this time.


Whenever you get a chance to visit Bastar, you must visit Danteshwari Mata Temple once. Let us take a look at the history of this temple.


History of Danteshwari Mata Temple

According to mythological beliefs, when Lord Vishnu divided the dead body of Mata Sati into many parts to pacify the fierce anger of Lord Shiva. For this reason, wherever the body parts of Mata Sati fell, Shakti Peeths were established there. Danteshwari Mata Temple of Dantewada is also considered one of those Shakti Peethas. According to beliefs, the teeth of Mother Sati fell here.

Goddess Danteshwari was the family goddess of the Chalukya kings of the Bastar region. That is why he established this temple. This ancient temple is situated at the confluence of the Dakini and Shakini rivers. The temple has been built several times but the sanctum sanctorum of the temple is more than 800 years old.


Danteshwari Mata is the family goddess of the Bastar Raj family.

The priests in the Danteshwari temple belong to the Kshatriya (Dhakad caste).

Musical instruments named Nafi, Birkahli, Karna are used during the Aarti of Danteshwari Mata.

Here it is mandatory for male devotees to wear a dhoti.

Bastar Dussehra

On the 9th day of Bastar Dussehra, the wound is done on the Jogi Uthai Mawli.

The wound on Mavli: Meaning the establishment of the Goddess.

Mavli Devi is considered to be a form of Danteshwari.

Under this program, the Mavli idol brought from Dantewada in the doli of Danteshwari is welcomed with devotion.


The construction was done by the Kakatiya ruler Annamdev.

The temple was renovated for the first time by the kings of the Pandava Arjun clan who came from Warangal.

In the year 1932-33, the Danteshwari temple was renovated for the second time by the then Bastar queen Prafulla Kumari Devi.

Belief regarding the construction of the temple

According to the belief, when Kakatiya King Annam Dev came here to visit the Goddess, Goddess Danteshwari appeared to him and gave him a boon that wherever he goes, the Goddess will accompany him and his kingdom will be there.

Along with this, the goddess also put a condition of not looking back on the king.

The king kept walking in the Bastar area for many days and the goddess kept following him.

When Shankani reached the confluence of the Dankani river, the king could not hear the sound of the anklets of the goddess because of the sand while crossing the river.

Then the king looked back and the goddess stopped there.

After this, the king got the temple constructed there.

Belief: A tooth of Mata Sati had fallen here and Danteshwari Shakti Peeth was established.

Ashta Bhairav is believed to be the abode of the river located here, until the year 1883, male sacrifice was done here.

How to reach

By Plane

Raipur and Visakhapatnam are the nearest major airports approximately 350 km and 400 km respectively from Dantewada by road.

Apart from this, Jagdalpur (about 85 km) is the nearest mini airport from where flights to Raipur and Visakhapatnam are available.

By Rail

Dantewada has a railway station from where trains are available to Visakhapatnam and other cities.

By Road

Apart from this, Dantewada can be reached by road. Regular bus services are available to Dantewada from cities like Raipur, Jagdalpur, and Bilaspur.



Places To Visit Near Danteshwari Temple

Dholkal Ganesha 

Dholkal Ganesha is at an altitude of about 3000 on Bailadila hill near Faraspal village, 18 km from Dantewada in the Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh.


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