Deepadih, a lesser-known archaeological site.

Chhattisgarh in ancient days famous as Dakshin Koshal mention both in Ramayana and Mahabharata. 

It has time and again been ruled by several Hindu rulers who had constructed temples all over the state. 

Surguja is one such place that is various temples. 

It nestles a Shankar Temple which is surrounded by four other Gods. 

Lord Vishnu, Lord Kartikeya, Lord Ganesha, and Goddess Maha Durga surround him. 

They are there to serve and protect him. 

There are also some ruined temples and tanks which throw light on the Dravidian monarch of that period. 

There is a huge stone figure which is the monarch, Samni Singh.

Mahisa Mardini’s artistic figure is one of the ruined temples. 

Sculptures of various Gods and Goddesses along with different emblems are inscribed on the pillars. 

Towards the East, a huge Nandi idol.

Some stones with Bhumra art were also excavated.

If you want to see archaeological tourist places, then you must go to see the ancient temples of Deepadih.

Here you will find the remains of many temples.

The remains of temples 5 km are scattered in the area which has been kept in one place.

It is like a museum in an open field.

Location of Deepadih

It is at the confluence of the Kanhar and Galfulla rivers in Surguja.

It is 70 km far from the headquarters of Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh.

Deepadih is in Samri Tahsil.

There is Kutchha road. 

 History of Deepadih

Excavated by a team of the Directorate of Archaeology and Museums.

its artifacts and temple complexes from the eighth to the fourteenth century CE. 

Ancient Temples of Deepadih

The survey of Deepadih temples was done in 1987.

after which the excavation of this temple in 1989.

There are many temples to the dynasty of different rulers and of different periods.

Oraon Tola Shiva Temple is here, Savant Sarna entrance gate, the special idol of Mahishasura Mardini, Panchayatan style Shiva temple, Lakshmi idol, Uma Maheshwar’s embracing idol, Lord Vishnu, Kuber, Kartikeya’s artistic idols come here from far and wide to see.

Relics of different sects in Deepadih areas.

it can inform that the rulers of that time gave equal importance to all religions so that all sects could develop and expand equally.

On the basis of the research during the excavation, archaeologists make four groups.

Samant Sarna

Birja Tila

Rani Pokhar Temple

Oraon Tola Temple

The main temple here is the Shiva temple which is bigger than other temples.

There are many types of idols at the entrance of this temple.

this temple is in Pancharatha style.

In this temple, you will find sculptures similar to those of copulation in the Khajuraho temple.

This temple comes under the Samanta Sarna group.

There is a Shiva Linga in the sanctum sanctorum of this temple.

the Shiva Linga here is worth visiting.

A fair is here during Shivratri and during Dussehra also many devotees come and offer prayers.

protection of idols

Here many idols are outside and many idols are in the museum.

If we talk about the safety of the idols, then the idols kept outside are not safe at all.

If the news is to be believed then many rare idols have been stolen from here.

The government should take the necessary steps to protect the idols.

How To Reach Deepadih Ancient Temple

It is very easy to reach the ancient temples of Deepadih.

You can reach it by your own means by traveling just a few kilometers from the bus stand of Deepadih.

The roads are fine till the ancient temples, easily you can go by 2 or 4 wheeler. Or you can go by 4-wheeler.

By road

Deepadih Bus Stand is the nearest.

By Rail

Nearest Railway Station is Ambikapur Railway Station

By plane

The nearest Airport is Swami Vivekananda Airport Raipur

Places To Visit Near Dipadih


Here naturally hot water is coming out from the earth, it fills people with wonder, so it is famous all over the state and many people come to see it. The water here is so hot that people cook potatoes, rice, and eggs in the hot water here.

Semarsot Sanctuary 

Leopard, Gaur, Nilgai, Chital, Sambhar, Kotra, Son dog, etc. can be seen roaming among wild animals in this sanctuary. The sanctuary remains open for tourists from November to June.

Pawai Falls 

This waterfall is on the Chanan River in the Semarsot Sanctuary at a distance of Km from Balrampur.

It falls from a height of about 90 to 100 feet.

Powai Waterfall is a center of attraction for the local people who come on various occasions to enjoy the beautiful waterfall.

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