Devdhara Waterfall is on the Indravana River between two hills.

Above it are Bhai Dahra, Hath Dahra, Nagarsheel, and many delightful lakes, where water remains full throughout the year.

 Devdhara Reservoir full of natural beauty is situated in the middle of Village Kulhadighat and Diamond Mine Palikhand. Significantly, this waterfall is located in the ravines of the Udanti Sanctuary area, famous for forest buffaloes.

Devdhara Waterfall recognition as a place of worship

Devdhara is known as Devsthal. Special worship is done here on the occasion of Dussehra and Navratri.

There is also a fair on the occasion of Maghi Purnima. The hills here are with dense forests.

Trees of species like Saja, Bija, Lendia, Haldu, Dhaora, Amla, Sarai, and Amaltas are also in these forests.

More than 12 species of birds are on it, many of which are migratory birds. Some of these are jungle fowl, pheasant, bulbul, drongo, woodpecker, etc.

Location Devdhara Waterfall 

The beauty of Devdhara Falls is worth seeing, 40 km from Mainpur and 87 km from district headquarter Gariaband.

Distance of Devdhara waterfall from Raipur

177 km

Best time to visit

During the rainy season, when the waterfalls on the rock are from a height of 60 to 70 feet, the natural shade is worth seeing.

How to reach

Devbhog-Raipur main road from near Dumarpadav village via Jangda Payilkhand to Devdhara.

The second way reaches Manipur, Kulhadighat, and Besrajhar.

The forest department has made a kutcha road to reach here.


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