Dhaskund Falls or Borid Falls

It is in the dense forest of Borid village at a distance of 8 km from Sirpur in the Mahasamund district.

Dhaskund Falls is near Sirpur which is famous for Laxman temple.

This spot is on the same road as Laxman temple.

One has to go inside from the main road and the road to fall is a temporary path with no instructions.


It is a seasonal waterfall.

Best place for a picnic.



Dhaskund Falls

Dhaskund is in the dense forest of Borid village at a distance of 8 km from Sirpur.
Where there is a beautiful waterfall. The beauty of nature is here.
Waterfalls are of rainwater.

trekking of 2km is also to reach the waterfall.

And its water becomes very slow during summer.

Many visitors came here throughout the year.

You can spend a good time in the lap of nature with your family and friends.


Dhaskund Waterfall Borid -Sirpur
There is a banyan tree on top of the plateau.

Which tongs are attached, according to the local people, no one knows who has planted these tongs.

He is worshiped with great devotion, now the villagers light the lamp of their wishes during Navratri at that place. Devotees keep coming and going.


Be aware of the bear.

The road is not so good.

Before the waterfall, the Agricultural land is fenced with current wire to protect it from wild animals.

So, Don’t dare to touch them.

Return from there before sunset.

Take the help of a Local guide.

Best time to visit 

As it is a seasonal waterfall rainy season is a good time.

But the road is too slippery.




Distance from Raipur to Dhaskund Falls

Almost 94 km from Raipur.

Distance from Sirpur to Dhaskund Falls

Almost 20 km

Chanda Dai  in Dhaskud Falls

This is the famous Chanda Dai (God cave) from Borid village, which is also  Nagarjuna cave by some people, but the way is also difficult to reach there by crossing many drains.

Nearby places to visit 

Laxman Mandir Sirpur
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Champaran Mahaprabhu
khallari mata bhimkhoj


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