At a height of 3000 feet, Dholkal Ganesh is the most picturesque adventure and tracking location in the plains of Bastar in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh.

People travel great distances to visit this granite stone idol.

This statue of Ganesha is hundreds of years old. 

This wonderful statue of the Naga dynasty kings period.

 Even today the mystery of this magnificent idol remains.

 If seen from the point of view of architecture, this idol is a symbol of artistry.

About Dholkal Ganesh

 On this peak of Bailadila, Dholkal Ganesh represents the breathtaking view of nature.

The most picturesque tracking location in Chhattisgarh.

In this idol of Ganapati ji, in the upper right hand, a broken tooth, in the upper left hand, a broken tooth, in the lower right hand is holding Akshamala in Abhaya Mudra, while in the lower left hand of the idol, Modak is held. 

This mysterious wonderful statue is enshrined in the form of a weapon.

Archaeologists say that such a statue has not been seen anywhere in the entire Bastar region.

This mountain contains three temples: one is for Mata Parvati, one for Ganesh, and one for Suryadev.

In addition to Dholkal Ganesh, the Sun Shrine and the temple to Mother Parvati are above and in front of Lord Ganesha.

Due to antisocial elements, the Sun Temple is in danger of collapsing.

If you enjoy this, then

if you enjoy hiking and adventure, come here.

Nothing except breathtaking sights will be present.

The unique feature of this location is traveling through Faraspal village.

From there, your five-kilometer hike will begin.

History of Dholkal Ganesh

The idol of Lord Ganesha is around three feet tall.

Also, the Chindak Nagvanshi monarchs (Naga dynasty) at a height of three thousand feet build this.

Lord Ganesha has an image of a snake removed from his abdomen, and he is holding an axe and a mace.

This also suggests that it’s from Nagvanshi kings.

According to archaeologists, the rare Ganesha statue installed on Dholkal Shikhar is said to be from the 11th century. This statue was sitting in Lalitasan posture.


Another tale claims that Lord Parshuram was on his way to visit Lord Shiva when he was stopped by Lord Ganesha.

Outraged, Parshuram then engaged Lord Ganesha in combat.

Parshuram Ji was thrown to the ground by Lord Lambodar.

He lost his balance on Bailadila’s hill.

They both arrived at this hill and got into a brawl.

Lord Parshuram ji struck him with his axe after becoming enraged.

As a result, one of Lord Ganesha’s teeth shattered, and the axe fell into the village that would later become known as Farspal.

It appears in our Puranas.

Track of Dholkal Ganesh

You can view beautiful scenery, a thick forest, and little and large drains along the road. 

Numerous people visit these lovely meadows of Bailadila every year for picnics.

Don’t forget to bring a guide from Faraspal village or use another method if you intend to hike this track.

You can lose track of the road in this five-kilometer-long deep jungle.

You must also bring food and drink with you.

Nagvanshis established the statue of Ganesha as a protector

According to archaeologists, this huge statue is the Dantewada area guard.

The axe as a weapon of Ganesha confirms this.

This is the reason why they keep on such a high hill by the Nagvanshi rulers.

The Nagvanshi rulers must have marked a symbol on the idol while making this idol.

Snake marking on the abdomen of Ganesha. Ganesh ji should maintain his balance, that is why the craftsman has used Sankalp in Janeu.



How to reach Dholkal Ganesh


Getting to Faraspal Village(Dholkal Ganesh)

Below, we’ve shown their distance from some of the more important locations.

By Air 

Raipur, the state’s capital, is home to the only airport that connects to Chhattisgarh. There is a flight option between Raipur and Jagdalpur.

By Rail

Jagdalpur is home to the closest railway station. where trains frequently arrive and depart from major cities including Raipur, Bhubaneswar, and Odisha.

By Road 

366 km from the capital Raipur, 94 km from Jagdalpur city, and 14 km from Dantewada district. where you can reach easily.

Nearby Places in Dholkal Ganesh

There are many tourist places around them which can make you happy.

Mama-Bhanja Temple

This is the temple of Barsoor. The architecture of the temple is very spectacular.

Indravati National Park

It is the life-giving river of Bastar.

Sat Dhara Waterfall 

Sat Dhara is a very beautiful waterfall.

Barsur Ganesh

It is one of the three largest Ganesh idols in the world.

Danteshwari Temple 

It is a beautiful & peaceful temple.

Chitrakoot waterfall 

Beautiful waterfall. it is the “Niagara of India”.


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