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folk dance of haryana
Different cultures of India

Folk dances of Haryana reflect cultural life

The folk dances of Haryana are the rich folklore and traditions of the country and reflect the cultural background of the people.  This folk dance brings people together, dances, and rejoices, whether it is for celebrations such as festivals, fairs, weddings, births, or even harvest season. The folk dance, art, and culture of Haryana have …

folk dance of Punjab
Different cultures of India Folk dance of India

Folk Dances of Punjab brings rejoice

Folk Dances of Punjab are a clear depiction of the strength and exuberance of the colorful young people of Punjab.  Punjab is a completely wealthy nation in phrases of the sort and range of people dances located here.  It has many exclusive forms of people’s dances, of which Bhangra and Giddha are the maximum well-known …