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Mainpat known as Shimla/Swiss of Chhattisgarh
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Mainpat is known as Shimla/Swiss of Chhattisgarh

If we speak approximately the traveler vacation spot of Chhattisgarh, then the primary call is for Mainpat.  Basically, Mainpat has a herbal area complete with surprises with stunning valleys. It is a hill station and small village withinside the Surguja district of Chhattisgarh, India. Mainpat or the “Shimla/Swiss of Chhattisgarh” is a well-known traveler attraction. …

Folk dance of Chhattisgarh
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Folk dance of Chhattisgarh that connects the culture of Chhattisgarh

Get to know about the folk dance of Chhattisgarh which includes the Main folk dance of Chhattisgarh such as Saila Dance, Karma, Sua Nacha, Panthi Dance, Raut Nacha, Gendi, etc. To perform the Folk dance of Chhattisgarh, people use various instruments, such as Dholak, Manjira, Mandar, etc. It is one of the ancient states of …

Laxman Temple
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Laxman Temple finest brick temples in India

The Laxman Temple is an ancient and famous temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple was built by Queen Vasata, the mother of Mahasivagupta Balarjuna in 650 AD. Discovered by Lord Cunningham in 1872, the Laxman Temple is considered one of the finest brick temples of India with a stone doorframe. The state of Chhattisgarh …

keshkal valley
Different cultures of India Place in Chhattisgarh Travel

Keshkal Valley- dense forest area, hills, beautiful winding curves

Keshkal Valley, is on National Highway 30 in Kondagaon district of Chhattisgarh state. The road connecting Bastar to other parts of India passes through the valley of Keshkal. This valley is famous for its winding roads.   Distance from Kanker to Keshkal Valley   It is about 30 kilometers from the Kanker district of Chhattisgarh …

nandanvan jungle safari
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Nandanvan Jungle Safari provide pleasing experience

Nandanvan Jungle Safari, Naya Raipur will provide a pleasing experience to the visitors. However, it is not only about the local wildlife but also about national wildlife.  Naya Raipur City is also developing into a world-class city.  It is the vision of the Former Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh to create a world-class Zoo & …