Dudhwa Dam is in the Kanker district of Chhattisgarh in India.

The construction of the dam in 1953 from 1964.

It is across the river Mahanadi at Dudhawa village, 21 km from Sihawa and 29 km from Kanker.

The height of the dam is 24.53 m and the length is 2,906.43 m.

The catchment area of the reservoir is 625.27 km2.

 It is one of the earthen dams with an embankment, rest house on its right bank.


The official name of Dudhwa Dam

Dudhwa Dam

Location of Dudhwa Dam

Kanker district, Chhattisgarh, India


20°18’28” North


began 1953–54

Opening date


Dams and spillways

Impounds Mahanadi River

Height of Dudhwa Dam


Length of Dudhwa Dam

2,906.43 m

Dudhawa Dam

As Dam is a perfect picnic spot and is an ideal place to visit with friends and family.

Dudhawa village is the site of the dam.

This dam was originally for irrigation projects but the responsibility of providing drinking water as an additional responsibility.  

History of Dudhwa Dam

 During the dangerous flood of 1950 in Madhya Pradesh, it was known that much of the land in the area was not managed taking into account the risk of flooding and during monsoon season most of the area faced statewide flood risk.

An extensive and detailed demographic survey was conducted in the state to map out areas likely to be flooded.

Dhamatri district is also one of the places for this purpose.

Above Mahanadi, a dam will be near Dudhawa village to better manage water and control Mahanadi water during monsoon season.

2284 families were affected during the construction of this dam and the subsequent relocation of all affected families under government auspices.

supervision with better remuneration.

The reorganization of the Indian states and the difficult period of the Indochina War did not affect the construction and the dam was finally in 1964. 

The technical part of the Dudhwa Dam

 The height of the dam is limited to 30.53 meters, including the foundation and the 6-meter-high foundation has been laid.

The wall of the dam is 21.11 feet thick to provide solid support to bear the load of a huge amount of water.

The length of the Dudhawa Dam is 2,906.43 meters, which is self-explanatory for the importance of this dam.

The reservoir attached to this dam has a catchment area of ​​625.27 km.

The geographical coordinates of this dam are 20°18′28″N 81°46′18″E.

The main purpose of the construction of this dam is for irrigation and hydropower generation.

The lake water level is to a maximum of 427.54 meters.

MDDL of Dudhawa Dam is 409.96.

A total of 121 spillways have in this dam because the length of the dam is longer than other dams.

3,799.16  ha of land irrigates by this dam and the forest area affects by this dam is 349.88  ha.

A total of 33 villages identify as completely affects by the construction of this dam.

A total of 726 families are direct effects by the construction of this dam.  

Attraction near Dudhwa Dam

 The dam site itself is already an attraction as the area near it has by the state government.

The relevant agencies have boating and scooter facilities.

This place has also good connections to other places of interest.

The road connection is good as Sihawa and Kanker are neighboring communes of this dam. 

So, Hathi Kot Cave, Amrit Kund, and Dantheshwari are some other interesting places for tourists.

In this area, rock climbing is also available as another adventure option for tourists.

In the vicinity of the dam, a wildlife sanctuary is also and is a good place to visit.  

How to reach

 Dudhawa Dam well connection by rail and road.

Dhamatri is the nearest train station.

Almost All major trains connect directly to this station from other parts of the country.

 Usually, the total distance between Sihawa and Kanker is 21 and 29 km respectively.

So, As a tourist destination, a variety of land transport is available regularly at affordable rates.

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