The Energy Park is in the capital Raipur.

Energy Park is on the way to the airport which is also Rajiv Smriti Van.

It is also a Catchment area of 9 acres.

the park has been recently getting renovation spending crores.

There are two gates one after the other for entry into the park.

The park has a lot of entertainment for children as well as for adults.

It has the facility of adventure games, boating, slider, various types of swings, science models, and cricket games.

Energy Park Raipur

There are many types of ornamental plants and flowers in Energy Park which enhance the beauty of the park.

So, A small waterfall is at the beginning of the park.

Man-Made The specialty of this waterfall is that it is made in the shape of a man’s face, from whose mouth the stream of water falls outwards.

The grass is all around the sap, around which statues of deer and peacocks are also there.

Children are enjoying a lot here.

Swings have also in the park for the elders.

At present there is a lot of craze for selfies among people.

Keeping this in mind, selfie points are at many places inside the park.

It has some energy-related selfie points.


Energy Park -Good picnic spot

Apart from this, many beautiful fountains are inside the park.

You can plan an energy park with family or friends.

A park is also a good place for a picnic.

A fountain has four big white fish attached to a large stone.

A thin stream of water flows upwards from its open mouth and falls downwards.

Another beautiful fountain is next to this fountain.

A high peak has been made in it.

A big pitcher is placed on the top which is slightly slanted.

The water trickles out from the mouth of the slanting pitcher into a large cup.

Falling from one cup to another, this water stream reaches the bottom.

It looks very beautiful.

the exhibition room in Energy Park

Many models of energy in the exhibition room Some exhibition rooms have been built near the fountain inside the energy park.

Various models related to energy are shown in the form of charts in different exhibition rooms according to the name of the park.

Energy technology information is given in the chart along with the history of solar energy.

Apart from the chart model, an LED screen is also installed in the exhibition room.

Through the screen, you can see for yourself the past, present and future changes in energy.

The changing era of energy technology is shown through the chart model in the room.

This chart model is very useful for school children.

Sun clock is made near the exhibition room.

With the help of this, the correct time of the day is detected.

Various swings, round wheels, and sliders for children in Urja Park have been installed.

Boating facility

Boating facility in the park You can also enjoy boating in the park.

There is a small pond in one area of the energy park where boating is available.

The ticket rate for a paddle boat is Rs 50, in which 4 people can sit and roam for 20 minutes.

Children can also sit in the boat along with adults.

Boaters are required to wear life jackets.

Laxman Jhula

Laxman Jhula and toy train in Toy Trainpark.

Jhula is built in the pond area near the canteen in Urja Park.

With the help of this swing, there is a way to go to the other side of the park, where the toy train facility is available.

Adults can also travel with children on the toy train.

In this, people are made to roam in an area of about one kilometer.

For traveling on the toy train, a ticket of Rs 10 for children and Rs 20 for adults is charged.

Big trees and plants can be seen here.

The toy train passes through them.

Pathways have also been constructed in this area for pedestrians.

Beautiful fountains and waterfalls are also seen here.

The waterfall is not natural it is manmade.

There is a big open ground adjacent to the waterfall.

Where you can enjoy a picnic and play something.

Shaheed Vatika

Shaheed Vatika is also in the garden area with Shaheed Vatika Toy Train in the park.

Martyr Memorial has been constructed in memory of the martyrs in Vatika.

Jai Hind is written on a platform on one side of this place built in the circle area.

Amar Jawan is written in the middle and the insignia is affixed.

Your courage will always be remembered along with the names of the martyred soldiers in the martyr’s memorial built in Vatika.

A mini auditorium is also in Roller Coaster Park in the 3D Auditorium.

In this auditorium, space travel is on a roller coaster.

The experience of this auditorium equipped with 3D technology will fill you with a thrill.

The seating capacity of the auditorium is limited to a few people during a show.

Evening Lighting in the Park

The evening lighting inside the spectacular Energy Park is a sight to behold.

Everywhere in the park is with colorful lights.

When they light up together in the evening, the beauty of the park increases manifold.

The musical fountain and simulator also add beauty to the park.

Opening Time

The park remains open from 10 am to 7 pm.


Places to visit in Rajdhani Raipur

There are many places in Rajdhani Raipur for picnics or sightseeing.

These include Swami Vivekananda Sarovar or Budha Talab.

Telibandha Talab

Gandhi Udyan

Mahamaya Temple

Ram Mandir

Banjari Mata Mandir

Laxman Jhula

Nandan Van Zoo

Purkhauti Muktangan

Kaivalya Dham

Naya Raipur

MM Fun City

Mahant Ghasidas Memorial

 The museum is the main one.

How to reach

The distance of Energy Park from Raipur Railway Station is about 12 kilometers from Raipur.

Energy Park in the capital Raipur easily visits by road from all over Chhattisgarh.

You can reach here by bus, car, taxi or by your own means.

There is a facility at Raipur Airport for those coming from other states.


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