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Food of Odisha | Famous and traditional food of Odisha
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 Firstly, Here we are with a new article which describes the famous food of Odisha state.

 So, In such a situation, if you want to know about the plate of every state, then you are in the right place.

Moreover, Our country is a country of unity in diversity, people of different castes, religions, languages, colors, costumes, and many more dances live here.

Further, let’s talk about the Orissa plate.

So, This time when you go to Odisha, do not say what it is?

Later seeing the food there and you do not know its name so we are going to tell you about the food served on the plate in Odisha.

So, let us tell you what it tastes like on the plate of Odisha.

Pakhala Bhata

Pakhala Bhata

However, Pakhala Bhata is also made in many different ways in many states such as Odisha, Bengal, Jharkhand, Assam, and Chhattisgarh.

It has a different name in a different state such as bore bhat in Chhattisgarh,panta bhat In West Bengal, paani bhat In Jharkhand, and poita bhat In Asam

 Soak cooked rice in water and also mix sour curd.

 So, The coolest food of Odisha is Pakhala bhata.

Usually, to prepare this dish, left it overnight. Also give Potato, fried fish, papad, and Badi Chora with this.

Dala Khechudi

 Dala Khechudi | Food of Odisha

Dala Khechudi is also a famous food state of Odisha mainly famous in the Baripada area of Odisha.

So, It is the perfect combination of rice and lentils.

It is also part of the daily offering to the Shri Jagannath temple in the Baripada area known as the temple food of Odisha.


In short, In Dala Khechudi, use ingredients are rice, green gram/ moong dal, turmeric powder, cumin seeds, asafoetida, pure ghee, red chilies, bay leaves, cinnamon, cardamom, and salt, etc.



Dalma is the predominantly popular dish in Odisha.

So, Use lentils in this.

However, the Local people of Odisha called it Dalma in their local language.

 While the wholesome food of Odisha.

This Dalma cooked by mixing vegetables with dal is also very healthy.

But, People like to eat Dalma with mostly rice and a very important part of every meal in Odisha.

Benefit of Dalma

Moreover, Dalma is a high protein dish so it is good for health and a very important part of every meal in Odisha. It is also part of the main course of the Oriya people.



Santula is also a famous curry which is a vegetarian curry.

But there are two types of all of them, one of which is Bhaja Santula which is a fried version of Santula and the other is Sijha Santula which is a boiled version.

Benefit of Santula

Santula is also good for health

As Santula consumes less oil

So, nominal spices help to digest the food and also good for the stomach.



Pitha is one of the important and very tasty famous food of Odisha, which is made by steaming the grains.

People of Odisha are also rice lovers. Hence, the dishes here are mostly pungent and mild in taste.

But there are many types of Peetha such as Chakuli, Poda, Sijha, Enduri, and Kakra Pitha, etc.

Chhena Poda

Chhena Poda

Chhena Poda or Roasted Cheese is also a famous Odisha dessert, It is a kind of Cheesecake.

While It came into circulation from Nayagarh Nagar in Odisha.

So, Cook the cheese, sugar syrup for hours until it turns red.

Moreover, It tastes extremely delicious.

Ingredients used

So, Use cheese, sooji, sugar, raisins, cashew nuts, Cardamoms, and water in the recipe of Chhena Poda.


Rasabali | famous food of odisha

Another dessert that showcases the delicacy of Odisha’s taste is Rasabali, originating from Odisha’s Kendrapada district.

 Firstly fry paneer

later dipped in Rabri and crushed cardamom due to that it tastes very attractive and yummy.

Ingredients used

So, use Paneer (Chhena), wheat flour, sugar, cardamom, milk, and refined oil to prepare tasty Rasabali sweet.

Chaula Bara

Chaula Bara | famous food of odisha

Chaula Bara is one of the famous food of Odisha’s premier cuisine, which comes from the Bolangir part of western Odisha, and its taste promotes local cuisine.

It is an Odia dish.  Firstly, Use deep fry rice.

Eat Rice vada with chutney.

So, Use tamarind, tomatoes, chilies, and coriander for chutney.

The Chaula Bara reflects the delicacy of western Odisha.

While the people of Bolangir like this very much.


So, Use tamarind, tomatoes, chilies, soaked rice, Urad Dal, Pinch of soda, oil, and coriander, etc to prepare Chaula Bara.

Chaatu Rai

Chaatu Rai | famous food of odisha

Chaatu Rai is a very tasty and nutritious food that is one of the main dishes of Odisha. The main items used to make this dish are mushroom, mustard paste, turmeric powder, and tomato.

It is one of the main nutritious food as you know it mainly uses mushroom which is full of vitamins and minerals. It mainly acts on cancer, glucose in the blood, and keeps the heart healthy.

Mushroom helps to increase our body resistance.

Use Mushrooms, potatoes, Mustard Oil, Tomatoes, Turmeric powder, Red chili powder, Panch, Salt, Coriander, Green chilies, Garlic, and Mustard Paste, etc. to prepare this tasty dish.



Pilaf and Pulav is a rice dish that is kind of a broth. Roast the rice is in oil till it becomes golden brown in color.

Pilaf has different names in different parts like Pulaav, Pulao, Pela, Pallao, Pilau, etc.

Fans of food make this dish in different ways, to make it, some people get things like meat, vegetables, dry fruits, and pasta in addition to the masala.

 Balkans, Caribbean, South Caucasus, Central Asia, East Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and South Asia, etc.

white rice, virgin olive oil or butter, yellow onion, salt, and chicken, vegetable broth, etc. are the ingredients to prepare Pilaf.

Aloo Potala Rasa

Aloo Potala Rasa | famous food of odisha

Aloo Potala Rasa is one of the main dishes of Odisha which is prepared with potatoes and gourd (Parval).

The people of Odisha like to eat this curry very much.

This vegetable is one of the favorite curries of Lord Jagannath.

Gourd (Parval), Bay leaf, Cumin seeds, Turmeric powder, Red Chilli powder, Cashew nuts, Oil, salt, and Ginger and garlic paste are the ingredients that used to prepare this curry.

Kadali Manja Rai

Kadali Manja Rai | famous food of odisha

Kadali Manja Rai is this famous Odia curry that uses banana stem to make, along with garlic cloves, cardamom, cumin, cinnamon, coriander, and chili, which enhances the curry taste.

As you know, Use a variety of spices and banana stems whose scent attracts the eater.

Use Banana stem, potato, tomato, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, garlic cloves, green chili, and turmeric powder, etc. to make this curry.



Besara is the main and famous vegetable of the Odia people, people of the state love it.

Use Potato, pumpkin, banana, and papaya to make it.

But the use of Mustard seeds, cumin seeds, garlic increases their taste. use dry chili which maintains the taste of Odia curry.

Fry vegetables in oil till their color turns golden brown.

Add coriander leaves to decorate it.

Use potato, pumpkin, banana, papaya, oil, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, garlic, dry chili, and coriander leaves to prepare the curry.


Mahura | famous food of odisha

Mahura is the main dish of Odisha state which is known as part of Mahaprasad of Lord Jagannath Temple of Puri.

Use vegetables, ghee, coconut, and spices. it is very easy to make and due to the spices in it, it smells very good.

Eat with boiled rice or with ghee rice.

So, Use Pumpkin, Raw banana, Brinjal, Radish, Colocasia, coconut, Turmeric powder, Mustard paste, Fennel seeds, Dry red chilies, Ginger, Ghee, Panch phoran, and hing prepare dish curry.

Ouu Khatta

Ouu Khatta | famous food of odisha

Ouu Khatta is a sour-sweet chutney that is used with jaggery or sugar with ouu (elephant apple) and very famous food of Odisha.

It is one of the popular chutneys. It is very tasty and nutritious in chutney.

Small pieces of ouu (elephant apple) along with other ingredients fried in the oil until it turns into light brown color.

Ouu is full of vitamin C and its scientific name is Dillenia Indica.

Use elephant apple (ouu), ginger, chilies, mustard seed, jaggery, turmeric powder, refined oil, Salt, and Curry leaves to prepare this chutney.

Machha Jhola

Machha Jhola | famous food of odisha

Machha Jhola is a nonveg curry and various famous among the Odia people and very healthy and tasty.

If we are talking about traditional spicy fish curry then Machha Jhola is one of the popular fish curry famous in Odisha and West Bengal.

Add fish in the curry and with a lot of gravy served with rice.

Use curry turmeric, garlic, onions, ginger, and various spices.

Along with many spices Tomatoes are also part of this curry. Due to the many spices and ingredients, this is very tasty and healthy.

Use Hilsa, rohu, and Catla fishes to prepare Machha Jhola curry.


Khatta's | famous food of odisha

Khatta’s is a major part of Odisha cuisine.

There are many types of Khattas that are very much liked by the people of Odisha – Dahi baigana, Dahi bhendi, Khajuri khatta, Amba khatta, Ouu khatta, Tomato khatta, and Dhania-Patra chutney, etc. are the types of khatta’s.

For making various types of Khattas like yogurt and eggplants for making Dahi baigana.

yogurt and ladies fingers for making Dahi bhendi.

tomato and dates for making Khajuri khatta, mangoes for making Amba khatta.

Use Elephant apple to make Ouu khatta, tomato, and jaggery to make tomato khatta.

Use coriander leaves to make Dhania-Patra chutney.

Many things are used to make it, out of which chutneys are the main one which is very useful for food preparation.

Kora Khai

Kora Khai

Kora Khai is the famous dessert/food of Odisha. It is very famous among the people of Odisha.

It is eaten by the people of Odisha as Prasad and is distributed as Prasad in the temples.

Khai, coconut, jaggery, and cardamom used in this.

Some people use sugar in place of jaggery in it, due to the use of jaggery and sugar, this dessert is hard.

Due to the mixing of these things, it tastes very good due to the combination of coconut, jaggery, and cardamom.

Mudhi Mansa

Mudhi Mansa

Mudhi Mansa reflects the delicacy of Odisha and is mainly liked by the people of the northern part of Odisha of which Mayurbhanj is prominent.

It is a staple food of Odisha.

Which the people of Odisha like to eat for breakfast.

This dish is mainly a part of the great history of Mayurbhanj, people here are too much attached to this dish.

this dish is a symbol of pride and is mainly made with mutton.

The mutton is used to make gravy, besides it uses onions, green chilies, and fresh coriander.

It is eaten with puffed rice. The people of Mayurbhanj like to eat it a lot.

Chhena Jhili

Chhena Jhili

Chhena Jhili is a famous food/dessert of Odisha that came into existence mainly from Odisha’s Nimapada, Puri district. It is mainly made with cheese and sugar syrup.

Along with this, yogurt ghee, wheat flour, cardamom powder, semolina, and salt are also used to make this dessert. All these are used to make a soft dough that is fried for a long time in oil.



The soft dough made is dipped in sugar syrup, it is very tasty and very soft to eat.

Cheese, sugar yogurt ghee, wheat flour, cardamom powder, semolina, oil, and salt, etc. are the main ingredients to prepare this dish.




Gajja is a traditional sweet of Odisha which is very much liked in Odisha.

It is made in many ways depending on the type of things it contains. Chhena Gajja, Khasta Gajja, and Khira Gajja are the main types of Gajja.

Gajja is predominantly made with sugar syrup. After making Gajja, it is soaked in sugar syrup.

Gajja is very sweet to eat and is extremely popular in Odisha.



Kanika sweet aromatic rice flavored with some spices and clarified butter.

The rice-like puffed grains embellished with perfect shine from the ghee.

The dishes from Odisha – Sweet or Savory are simple on your palette.

They use less oil and spices.

Use rice, ghee, raisins, cashews, black cardamom,  cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, mace, bay leaf, nutmeg powder, sugar, salt, and turmeric.

Macha Besara

macha besara

Macha besara is fish curry .

Mustard sauce mix with fish.

Dry mango gives awfully taste to the fish curry. This is as similar as  Bengali fish in mustard gravy. However with some variation. Relish with hot steamed rice and a touch of lime.

Saga Besara

saga besara

One of the items among the prasad is besara.

The Besara is tasty and delicious to eat.

This dish is Puri maha Prasad .

Moreover, Besara goes all right with Kanika (sweet rice).

Besara is an authentic Odia dish.

Use mustard paste and vegetables with Amaranthus saag.

It’s quite simple to create and tastes delicious.

So, Saga besara means leafy vegetables with mustard paste.

This is also a healthy dish that goes well with chapatti or steamed rice.

Mati Handi Mansa

mati handi mansa

Mati Handi Mansa may be an ancient method is of preparation for the mutton.

Mutton is allowed to be cooked in an earthen pot for a long time so the goodness and finer aroma of the stuffed pot get absorbed into the mutton.

Mati handi Mansa is a favorite of everyone on Cuttack-Bhubaneswar road.

Mati handi Mansa is mutton (‘mansa’) marinated with spices simmered in an earthen pot (‘mati handi’) for an hour.

Chatu Besara

chatu besara

Odia Chatu Besara is Mushrooms cooked in spicy mustard paste.

Similarly ‘Besara’ used the term for gravies made out of a thick base of mustard paste.

But this dish uses nominal ingredients.

So, It is extremely fast to arrange. Chatu Besara is best served with some hot dinner.


Odisha Khichdi is one of the most important dishes.

Offered as the main Bhog or Prasad to Lord Jagannath at Puri temple.

rice, some pulses cook together in ghee.

it has a great taste with full nutrition.

served with curd and papad.

Chungdi Malai

this is from Oriya cuisine .

it is the dish of prawn.

cooked with coconut milk gives creamy texture .

which richness and unique taste which is delightful mouth-watering .

served with basmati rice.


Khattas are prepared with tomato ,green chilli ,turmeric powder ,oil and salt .

All these ingredients add richness to the dish .

served with steamed rice .

the Khattas has wide varieties of dishes like tomato Khatta ,mango Khatta ,Dahi Khatta ,Khajur Khatta.


Mudhi Mansa

Mudhi Mansa

It is a traditional dish of Orissa .

mudhi is puffed rice and mansa are means meet .

goat meat is marinated with oil and some species .

tomato-onion, coriander leaf topped with crunchy mudhi.

Chakuli pitha

Kora Khai

Palva Ladu

Sijha Manda

Poda Pitha

Enduri Pitha

Kakara Pitha


In short, these dishes can be called a simple diet plan for


So, It is easy to make a within a limited time and healthy one. it helps them be more productive.

Moreover, the food simplicity also comes with flavourful and is a treat for your taste buds.



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