Famous food of Uttar Pradesh that you need to try once

famous food of Uttar Pradesh that you need to try once


Here is the famous food of Uttar Pradesh that you would love to eat. 

Everyone wants to eat good and tasty. While traveling, people often like to taste a dish of a city, which is the most famous dish of that place.

Uttar Pradesh is not far behind in terms of taste. such as Tunde Kebab of Lucknow or Lassi of Banaras.

There is more than one delicious dish here. Here we are going to tell you about delicacies of UP whose taste will make your day.


Tunde Kebab

Tunde Kebab of Lucknow
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The identity of Mughal food is famous all over the world in that one of the famous dishes is Tunde Kabab of Lucknow. Hyderabadi Biryani or any other cuisine is not as popular as the Tunde Kabab found in non-food lovers.

People come from far and wide to eat the delicious Tunde Kabab of Lucknow. The oldest store of Tunde Kabab in the capital is in a street near Akbari Gate in Chowk.
 They use Big (buffalo) and small (goat) meat. It uses many types of herbs as well as 135 types of spices. Gillavati kebab is another name dish.


Banarasi Paan and lassi

Banarasi paan
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Varanasi, which is called the city of Baba Bholenath, is known for Kashi Vishwanath Temple and Ghat.

But the city is also famous for its catering.


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Many celebrities like Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Anil Kapoor have enjoyed Chaat and Lassi here. Lassi, a Pahlavani from Banaras, is famous throughout the city. It got its name as Pahlavani Lassi because its builder was like a saddle wrestler. Use Milk and curd in lassi.


Here people also drink cannabis lassi. There will be many shops in the name of Pahlavani Lassi all over Banaras but the real one is at Lanka Chowk. If you ever go to Varanasi, do enjoy Pahlavani Lassi.


Apart from Paan and Lassi, cloves, tomato chaat, and Malayo are also famous in Banaras.



Bahraich's famous Barsola


The famous dessert of Bahraich is Barsola which is famous from far and wide.  Barsola chashni is with sugar. It takes about two hours to prepare and then cooled. Draw a dam into the wood to prepare it for cutting.


 In summer, people eat it and use it for breakfast.



Agra Petha | famous food of Uttar Pradesh


The City of Taj is famous for its Petha. People who come to see the Taj from all over the world do not forget to enjoy the Petha here. There are many varieties of petha in Agra like- Dry Petha, Angoori Petha, Pan Petha, Saffron Petha, Sandwich Petha, Coconut Petha, etc.


The journey of Agra is incomplete without seeing the Tajmahal, similarly going to Agra without eating the petha.



Mathura Pedas


 If you do not eat the Mathura Pedas, not considered a successful visit to Mathura


In Mathura, the Brijwasi sweets shop and Brijwasi peddle shop is also famous for Pedas.



Allahabadi Tehri


Here is the famous food of Uttar Pradesh which is Tehri of Allahabad. The Tehri of Allahabad is pride.

So, mix several vegetables in rice to make this delicious.


Korma famous food of Uttar Pradesh

Rampur's korma


Korma of Rampur is also quite famous food of Uttar Pradesh. It is one of the famous catering of Rampur Gharana. But It takes less time to make and is different from other korma in terms of taste.

Use Mutton, curd, saffron, cardamom, etc.


Gulab Jamun’s

Orai's Gulab Jamuns


However, It is found at Orai railway station.

So, There will hardly be any passenger passing through the Orai railway station in Kanpur who did not eat Gulab Jamuns of Orai made in a clay pot.


Gulab Jamuns of Orai railway station is very special for travelers. But Gulab Jamuns, known for their quality, has been famous for a long.


Thaggu ke laddu: famous food of Uttar Pradesh

Thaggu ke laddu


 So, If you come to Kanpur, definitely eat Thaggu ke laddu made of Khoya, native ghee, and dry fruits.  The firstly choice of every person coming to Kanpur is laddu.


However, for more than 50 years, the people of Kanpur have been convinced of their special taste of Thaggu ke laddu.



Jaunpuri Imarti


It is also said that the Imarti taste here is not found anywhere else.


Moreover, a special method was made on the base of Desi Chini (Khandasari), Desi Ghee, and Urad dal.

On a low flame of wood is a favorite of all people living abroad not only the eminent personalities of the country.



Ghevar of Meerut


As soon as the month of spring arrives, the Meerut people wait for the Ghevar. The special sweet Ghevar of the Sawan season is also quite popular.


 A plain sweet ghevar and another ghee containing mawa. These Ghevars are the best-selling during the spring season in Meerut.


Baati Chokha

Baati Chokha


Although Bati Chokha is also famous in Bihar, Banarasi Bati Chokha is also no less.


So, Chokha prepared with special spices along with sattu stuffed baati dipped in native ghee and fried chili with it really doubles the taste. You will get tasty baati chokha at ‘Popular Baati Chokha’  in Chandikanagar, Sigra in Varanasi.


Spicy Tikki

Spicy Tikki of Bulandshahr | famous food of Uttar Pradesh


Bulandshahr’s Tikki Chaat is also special. It is prepared with potatoes, dry fruits, gram dal, spices, etc. 

Apart from this, there are many options of basket chaat, raj kachori, Bhalla papadi, Dahi Bhalla, gol gappe, Bhelpuri, ram laddu, sevapuri, etc.



Malpua | famous food of Uttar Pradesh


Malpua is the oldest Indian dessert. It’s quite popular not only in India but also in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

The pancake is out after frying in native ghee and immersed in Chashni.
 Serve by garnishing with dry fruits or by adding Rabri on top.



Kalakand of Dadri | famous food of Uttar Pradesh


If you are fond of eating sweets, then also try Kalakand of Gautam Buddha Nagar. In this, the Kalakand of Dadri is the most famous.



Khurja's khurchan | famous food of Uttar Pradesh


Khurja sweets of Bulandshahr are quite popular. People come from far to taste this sweet. Apart from this, Samosas and Jalebi of Bulandshahr are also famous.


Bedmi Pudi

Bedmi Pudi


Namkeen lovers will love Bedmi Pudi. The Bedmi Pudi was found at Sihani Gate in Ghaziabad and the vegetable and chutney were served with it. It has wonderful taste.


Balu Shahi

Balu Shahi of Baghpat | famous food of Uttar Pradesh


 Bagatji’s Balu is famous in the whole city of Baghpat.

The reason for this sweet being delicious as well as being soft.



Muradabadi Dal | famous food of Uttar Pradesh


Moong dal is very popular in Moradabad, UP.  Some spices including lemon, onion, tomato are used to make it tasty and spicy.



Jalebi of Etawah | famous food of Uttar Pradesh

Jalebi of Etawah is one of the famous food of Uttar Pradesh and also called Rasabhari. SP Head Mulayam Singh Yadav likes the jalebis made by the hands of Suresh Yadav.

Baldev Mishthan Bhandar is famous for Jalebi in Etawah.


Khasta kachori

Khasta kachori


khasta kachori is a spicy snack with a mixture of moong dal and other lip-smacking spices which is then deep-fired to form a puri shape

Similar to moong dal kachori, there are numerous different variants like raj kachori, mava kachori, and even onion kachori.

kachoris ought to have been originated in  Uttar Pradesh. 

however, it is strongly believed that kachoris were the favorite snack recipe earlier than the inception of samosas in India. 

even as samosas have taken the number one spot, yet kachoris are still popular and have a large fan following in Rajasthan, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh.

Parwal ki mithai

parval sweet
Parwal Ki Mithai is usually made in North India at some stage in functions and marriages.

It could be without problems made at domestic and tastes delicious at the identical time.

It’s far quite popular in  North India.

You should do this recipe in case you want to present a brand new twist for your normal vegetable, Parwal.

So, please serve Parwal Ki Mithai as a candy dish after your meal.

Sattu Sharbat


It is a great summer drink recipe and may be served to your visitors too.

Sattu is a popular summer season drink recipe from Northern India.
Sattu  Sharbat is made with roasted gram flour, blended with roasted cumin, black salt, and mint leaves giving it a clean flavor
it’s miles useful within the summer months as it cools down the body temperature
There are two variations of sattu drink – meetha (candy) and namkeen (savory).
An energizing drink that now not simplest quenches our thirst however also protects us from heat strokes due to intense summer heat.
In reality, roasted barley flour (jau ka sattu) which is understood for its cooling and hydrating nature is also introduced to sattu drink.


Bel Sharbat

Bel ka sharbat

It also has religious significance for Hindus.

Bel is the seasonal fruit of summer.

Consumption of bel helps to reduce constipation. Control diabetes.

It has also anti-fungal, anti-parasitic properties and a high amount of fiber.  

Firstly break the fruit of the bel with the help of a rolling pin and separate its outer thick peel from its pulp.

Now take out the seeds from the pulp.

After this, take the pulp in a large bowl and mix it well by adding 1 glass of water to it.

By doing this, you will be able to mix the pulp well and the seeds present in it will also be separated.

 Add a little more water to the sieve to remove as much of the juice as possible.

Also, add sugar as per your taste if you want.

Now in a glass, add a piece of ice and mint leaves and add a pinch of salt. serve it.

Kulfi faluda

kulfi falooda

It is made with cold rabaree, rose syrup, and noodles.

Most famous summer drink of Uttar Pradesh.

Easy to make and energize the body.

Kids love to have this. 

Malai Makhana

It is a Mughlai cuisine.

Makhana’s well-known lotus seed is cooked with peas and Mughlai curry.

Serve with naan roti.

However, it is a special dish, the perfect recipe for special occasions.


Malaiyo is famous dress of Uttar Pradesh .

If you ever visit Varanasi in winter season you must try  malaiyo.

This dish is prepared with milk.

But no one tell you about the secret recipe of this.

If you ever ask shopkeeper how to dish prepared they will never tell you .

It is prepared with milk and kept whole night in open cold in winter season.

Dew drops fall on the milk make it so tasty and soft .

Helpful  for eyes.


The Fara is very popular in Uttar Pradesh.

It is a typical North Indian dish which is made during auspicious occasion.

Small puri is prepared with rice flour .

Stuffing is prepared with several dals like urad dal ,chana dal mix with ginger garlic paste ,Chile, coriander leaves and salt.

It is also known as goja, Pita and panbudiya.

It is shaped in Gujiya form.

steamed it for few minute.

after taken out from water it is cut in small size .

deep fry in oil and served with tomato chutney.


It is prepared in Uttar Pradesh.

This is traditional dish of Uttar Pradesh.

Matar ka nimona is very famous in Uttar Pradesh.

It is prepared by using peas and species.

Prepared in winter season as peas is seasonal vegetable during winter season .

It is freshly available in Uttar Pradesh .

This recipe is Soupy, spicy, curry, delicious.

Peas pulses is blend and paste is used to make nimona .

After cooking this add some ghee to enhance the taste.

Serve with rice or roti.



Sultani dal

It is traditional Mughlai dish.

Lucknow sultani dal is popular dal Uttar Pradesh States .

It  have rich ,fragrant, creamy texture.

sultani dal made with tur dal.

it is one of the famous dish of Lucknow.

if you ever visit Lucknow please try once sultani dal.

It has great taste.

it is very easy simple dish.

this daal is made with arhar dal or tur dal .

which is cooked with milk ,cream and yoghurt .

topped with Chille ,onion and coriander leaves.

Paneer Pasanda

Paneer Pasanda or stuffed paneer curry is a famous dish of UP.

This dish is of paneer sandwich.

which is cooked in onion, tomato ,cashew gravy.

The Paneer pasanda with grated paneer, cashew nut, rasini and seasonings

after this dip paneer sandwich with corn flour slurry and then Shallow fried them.

it is an delicious authentic recipe .

served with Nan, lachha paratha or rice.

it is a perfect dish for any occasions ,party or festivals.

Impress your guest with this special Paneer Pasanda recipe.

Zamindoz Machhli

It is oldest and traditional dish from Avadh .

A whole fish is stuffed which species and covered in earthenware.

buried in ground and cooked by placing them cowdung cake .

fire on the ground.

It takes almost 6 to 8 hours.

this dish has earthly flavour.

Whole fish skin and washed.

Squeez lime juice and keep Exide for 15 minutes .

cook some ginger garlic paste with blanch almond, roasted poppy seeds ,chiraunji  and grated coconut.

add some cloves ,cardamom, peppercorns.

add water and apply evenly on marinated fish.

grease with oil.

put it on earthware with some curd and bury them.


Bharwa chicken Pasanda

Bharwan Chicken Pasanda is Mughlai dish .

 chicken is marinated in curd and species with onion tomato gravy.

specially prepared for parties.

served with naans and Kulcha.

this is the Mughlai dish special of Mughal emperors.


Kakori kabab

the famous Kakori kebab is a dish of Avadh.

it gets its name from Kakori district in Lucknow.

it is as like as seekh kabab.

Often prepared for the nawabs of Lucknow during Eid or on special occasions.

Kakori kebab is grilled and served with Naan.

this is the oldest dish as nawabs.

Mohammed Haider Kazmi arranged Awadhi cuisine for British guests.

Kakori kebab is a fine and soft texture.

if you want to impress your guest with delicious food must try Kakori kebab for dinner any party

Bhindi salan

Bhindi salan is North Indian dish .

It has spicy and tangy taste .

bhindi and onion cooked together with some species and yoghurt to make thick gravy .

its taste is awesome

perfect dish which rice or chapati.

dish are easily prepared at home .

it take less time and give you great flavour.


galouti kebab was from Lucknow city of nawabs.

Nawab love to eat galouti kebab.

galouti means soft it makes melt in your mouth.

Must try galouti kebab as its aromatics and flavour are so nice you never forget its taste.

meat is marinated with species powder and deep-fried mixed with gram flour egg and green chilli.

it is served with lime and coriander leaves or Mint Chutney.



if you ever visited Uttar Pradesh must try these dishes .

You must enjoy eating all these varieties .

And the taste remains forever in your mouth. 




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