The famous temple of Fingeshwar Nath Mahadev comes in Fingeshwar of Gariaband district of Chhattisgarh.

This temple is also very ancient.

Fingeshwar Nath Mahadev

And is full of amazing views of its texture and artwork.

To see whom the devotees keep on taunting.

So, Devotees come to the court of Bhole Baba.

And Bhole Baba also fulfills everyone’s wishes.

According to the belief of the people, Ram ji had passed through this path during his exile at this place and Mother Sita had worshiped Shiva and performed water anointing of Shiva in this temple.

That’s why it is also as Panchkosi Dham.

Lord Ganesha

Usually, A huge crowd gathers here every year on Sawan Somwari and Mahashivaratri.

In Sawan, there is a gathering of cowherds in Baba’s court.

In which devotees from far and wide anoint Baba with water.

So, the temple during the time of Kuleshwar Mahadev of Rajim.

And it is also believed that this temple was built on the night of six months.

Many ancient idols have been kept in the temple, the main one is Chaturmukhi Ganesh ji, the statue of Bhairav Baba.

It seems that all the idols have emerged from the womb of Mother Earth.

Some idols are in fragmented condition.

In front of Bhole Baba’s Shivling, Baba’s ride Nandi is here. Many idols are carved around the temple. In which dancing couples and some Mithun idols have been made. Carving has been done in the stones of the temple, which is very unique. There is another temple in front of the temple complex.

Of these, the Ram temple with five peaks, Hanuman temple, etc. is prominent.

Fingeshwar Nath Mahadev Temple

Fingeshwar Nath Mahadev Temple is in Nagara style.

And this temple has been preserved by the Archaeological Department.


This village was one of the ancient 36 strongholds of Chhattisgarh.

This is also a very ancient city.

So, must visit Fingeshwar once.

here you will see the king’s palace.

the artwork at that time.

Here even today the palace of the king is present in that village with its old memories.

But due to lack of proper protection, they are turning into ruins.

This is a thoughtful topic.

Here you will see how the palace is underground.

Here there are big rooms inside the houses and how they have a special texture.


Even today, the festival of Dussehra is celebrated with great pomp here. Which is Shahi Dussehra. The descendants of the king come in this. And that of our family gods and goddesses


Worship is with great rituals.

At the time of Dussehra, the king goes to the place of the deities of the village.

In this procession, there some people take old weapons and weapons along with them in the procession of the king.

Which is worth seeing. And on the day of Dussehra, the whole village is like a bride.

The scene there looks like a huge fair, people flock from far and wide to see this Sahi Dussehra.

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