Folk artist of Chhattisgarh

The folk artists of Chhattisgarh state have their own identity in India and the world. Various writings of folk artists identify the art and culture of Chhattisgarh. All the folk artists of Chhattisgarh have created their own identity in the whole world due to their folk songs, songs and dances.

Folk artist of Chhattisgarh

The folk artists of Chhattisgarh state have their own identity in India and the world. Various writings of folk artists identify the art and culture of Chhattisgarh. All the folk artists of Chhattisgarh have created their own identity in the whole world due to their folk songs, songs and dances.

Prominent folk artists of Chhattisgarh

Suraj Bai Khande – a Bharthari singer, also left a mark in Chandaini and Dhola Maru

Kedar Yadav – Who created a stir in Sonha Bihaav, his cassette Rang Matiha became famous.

Devdas Banjare – founder of Panthi dance

Dau Ramchandra Deshmukh – Formed Chandaini Goda in 1971.

Dular Singh Mandraji – Bhishma Pitamah of Nacha, Chhattisgarh government established an award in his name.

Jhaduram Devangan – Pandavani Guru, gave national identity to Pandavani.

Teejan Bai – Famous singer of Vedamati style of Pandavani.

Dau Mahasingh Chandrakar – He presented Lorik Chanda in “Khade Saaj style”.

Kesari Prasad Vajpayee – known as Barsati Bhaiya, was an announcer in Akashvani.

Fida Bai Markam – She started her career with the dance party played by Dau Mandara ji.

Bhaiyalal Hedau – has acted in Chandaini Gonda, Sonha Bihav and Satyajit Ray’s Sadgati etc.

Introduction of folk artist of Chhattisgarh

Dau Ramchandra Deshmukh-Folk artist of Chhattisgarh

Dau Ramchandra Deshmukh is completely dedicated towards Chhattisgarhi art and culture. He started Chandaini Gonda and went from village to village to connect artist poets with it. Chandaini Gonda remained very popular from the beginning. It is said that Chandaini Gonda is a symbol of cultural awakening.

Because of this platform, how many talented people were able to come forward like Laxman Masturia, Khuman Sao, Kedar Yadav, Sadhna Yadav, Bhaiyalal Hedau and how many artists, performances like Chandaini Gonda are very rare.

The plight of the farmers of Chhattisgarh, the sorrows and pains of the village, the songs – a glimpse of the entire Chhattisgarh is shown in this presentation. Dau Ramchandra Deshmukh, under the inspiration of Dr. Khubchand Baghel, has done a lot of work for the cultural awakening of Chhattisgarhi. Established Dehati Kala Vikas Mandal in 1951 and promoted art through it.

Dau Mahasingh Chandrakar-Folk artist of Chhattisgarh

Dau Mahasingh Chandrakar was so impressed by the bamboo songs of a Raut artiste in his childhood that he continued working for folk art throughout his life.

Chhattisgarhi’s Suva, Karma, Dadriya Janwara, Gaura, Bhojali, Pandwani, Devargeet, Nacha Gammat Chandrankarji kept presenting in Manch, Akashvani, Doordarshan. Their aim is to present the true form of Chhattisgarh. He spoke to Sushil Yadu

Chhattisgarhi folk art and folklore are the traditional heritage of Yadav man’s bamboo songs, Dewar man’s Dewar songs, God and Panika man’s traditional heritage. Panika and Dewar were accomplished artists in singing, music and dancing. Today the society of divine art is forgotten.

There is distortion in the form of folk art. Literature, music and folk art were at the forefront of our minds. May your heart touch all the colors of life. Even today, the tribal men and women of Dhalo Bastar used to sing and dance together in Man Gudi. That deformity may give a new arrival.’ Sushil Yadu ‘Folk Artist of Chhattisgarh’ – Publisher: Chhattisgarhi Sahitya Samiti.

Dularsingh Mandraji-Folk artist of Chhattisgarh

Dance is the basis of folk culture in the rural areas of Chhattisgarh. Dular Singh Mandraji is called Bhishma Pitamah of Chhattisgarhi dance. Nantaki has the same place in Uttar Pradesh, Tamasha in Maharashtra, Yatra in Bengal and Nacha in Chhattisgarh.

When Dular Singh was young, dancing was becoming a luxury. Dularsinghji decided to refine dance in his village Revali. Gradually dances started becoming popular and dance started getting respect on the stage. Raveli Saaz performances started taking place everywhere in Raipur Durg, Bastar, Tatanagar, Raigarh.

Dedicated his entire life to the service of Dular Singh Nacha. At the last moment of his life, Dular Singh left this world after suffering anonymity and poverty. Now his statue has been installed in Raveli.

Fidabai Markam-Folk artist of Chhattisgarh

Fidabai is a great artist of Markam dance. She is a very good singer and dancer. Being a wall artist, artistry was in his blood. Fidabai has given his work in many places. She has taken her work to foreign countries many times. Like France, Germany, Soviet Russia, England, Yugoslavia, Scotland, Denmark.

Famous dance artist Lalu is credited with bringing Fidabai into the world of dance. Started Fidabai work in Dular Singh Mandraji’s Revali Saaz. Lalu, Madan, Nishad trained them. Fidabai of Habib Tanveer’s entry into theatre. He became very famous in the world of theatre.

He has played lead roles in many plays like Charandas Chor, Agra Bazaar, Mitti Ki Gaadi, Bahadur Kalarin, Lala Shohrat Rai. In 1988, Fidabai Markam was elected to M.P. Tribal folk art honored with Tulsi Samman.

Devdas Banjare-Folk artist of Chhattisgarh

Devdas Banjare is a panthi dancer from Chhattisgarh. It was he who established Panthi dance in the country and abroad. When he studied in school, he was a famous Kabaddi player. He got so much encouragement from Panthi dance that he came into the field of folk dance. After being selected in Habib Tanveer’s Naya Theatre, he traveled to foreign countries several times and presented cult programs there.

He received a gold medal from the Chief Minister in 1972 and a gold medal from the President in 1975. He has been honored many other times.

Surujbai Khande-Folk artist of Chhattisgarh

The name of Surujbai Khande holds great importance in the traditional folk art of Bharthari, Chhattisgarh. She is a first class singer in Bharthari singing.

Established the imprint of Chhattisgarhi Bharthari Chandaini and Dhola-Maru’s singing in the country and abroad. His singing continues to be broadcast on Radio-Doordarshan. Surujbai Khande has presented programs in many cities with Habib Tanbir.

Govind Nirmalkar-Folk artist of Chhattisgarh

Govind Nirmalkar was inspired by Madan Nishad.  He was born in Mohara village and since childhood, also came into the world of dance with the encouragement of the famous dance artist Madan Nishad of Mohara. Initially, he used to play manjira and Dholak. Later Ravelli and Rigni became the main artists of the dance party.

Habib joined Tanbir in 1973 and made many people laugh and cry by working in Mitti Ki Gaadi, Agra Bazaar, Village Boat In-Laws, Uttam Ram Charitra. He has been honored with Tulsi Samman.

Mandas Tandon-Folk artist of Chhattisgarh

He has been a very great folk artist and singer. When one sings while standing with a gazelle, one feels that one is a folk singer in the true sense. After watching dance in his childhood, he had a desire to become an artist.

Guru considers Ghasidas Baba as his ideal.

Jhumukdas Baghel

Has been working in dance troupe since the age of eleven. He is a very good artist. With the inspiration of his grandmother Dukalabai, he entered the world of dancing. Jhumukdas’s father Jagesar Baghel was also a dancing artiste, who constantly encouraged him.

Raveli Naach, Nadgaiha Nacha Party, Rigni Saaj, Khallari Nacha, Rayarveda Naach, Flari Naach, Shri Satya Kabir Nacha Party Matewa (Arjunda) are prominent among the Nacha Parchi of Chhattisgarh.

Shri Satya Kabir

The main artists of Shri Satya Kabir Nacha Party are Jhumukdas Baghel and Nihaikdas Baghel. Nihaikadas is also the director of this Nacha Parchi. Nihaikdas, who considered Kabir’s Bani as his idol, was in the dance troupe in Matewa since childhood. He got inspiration from his father Santoshdas Manikpuri and dance artist Lukudas.

Chintadas Banjare

Chintadas Banjare is a Chandaini singer from Chhattisgarh whom people want to listen to again and again. Chandaini has great importance in Chhattisgarhi folk art. Like Baans Geet, Dewar Geet, Bharthari. Chandaini Geet is the love saga of Lorik Chanda, folk artists have kept the saga alive through their songs and dance.

Sadanand Bandhe has been the guru of Chintadas Banjare. Chintadas Banjare has formed Chandaini Party under the name Chandaini and has toured the entire country with this folk tale. He has been recorded many times in All India Radio. Chintadas Banjare considers folk artist Sukhchand Soni Baronda as his idol.

Kedar Yadav

Kedar Yadav’s songs are still played in Chhattisgarh and remind us what a great folk singer he was. He died in 1996. Elder Kedar Yadav, who grew up in the fort, breathed his last in the fort itself. His songs ‘Jaagou Jaagou Re Mor Bhaiya’, ‘Ka Tai Mola Mohani Dar Diye Gondaphool’, Tor Naina Ke Laage He Katar are widely played in Chhattisgarh. Kedar Yadav used to sing songs of many poets like Hari Thakur, Badri Vishal Parmanand, Rameshwar Vaishnav.

Khuman Sav Raveli

Khuman Sav used to play harmonium in raveli dance parties. He learned a lot from Dular Singh Madaraji. After that, Ramchandra Deshmukh lived in Chandaini Gonda and furthered his talent.

Khuman Sao composed the songs of many poets of Chhattisgarh and made them reach the people. People sing his songs like Mor Sang Chalav Re, Dhan-Dhan Re Mor Kisan, Chhannar Chhannar Parry Baje.

Kismat Bai Dewar

Kismat Bai Dewar has been associated with music since childhood. In earlier times, Dewar artists used to get the title of royal artists in the royal court, among the Dewar women artists, Kismat Bai, Bartarin Bai, Fidabai Basanti and Padma Dewar are famous. He received training from Barteen Bai.

She formed a troupe in the name of Adarsh Dewar Party and continued giving programs. Mohan in harmonium, Ganeshram Markam in mandar, Chandrabhan Telasi in dholak. Kismat Bai had made a place in Ramchandra Deshmukh’s Chandaini Gonda with her talent. Habib Tanbir’s clay cart, Charandas Chor, Peacock boat, boat of Damad village were lucky in the in-laws’ house.

Jayanti Dewar

Jayanti Dewar was honored with the title of Chhattisgarh Kanth Kokila in 1947. This title was given by Bhilai Steel Plant. Jayati Yadav’s father Samaylal Markam was an expert dance artist. Jayanti Yadav was inspired by him.

Jayantiji kept giving Karigrams from Dular Singh Mandaraji’s Revali instrument, where she gained a lot. Worked in Habib Tanbir’s Agra Bazaar, Chor Charandas, village’s new in-laws etc. His ideal lyricists whose songs he sings are – Badrivishal Parmanand, Murali Chandrakar, Hemnath Verma, Sheikh Mannan.

Basanti Dewar

Basanti Dewar started his life in Chandaini Gonda. His songs like “Aankhi Ma Gadi Jaaye Bairi Jawani” and “Lachkadar Kaniha Main Jaawan Kaise Paniya” are very popular. Basanti ji had learned songs, music and artistry from Kismat Bai Dewar. Many places have been giving their programs. He has been honored with many titles. His cassette has also been released. His father Ganeshram Markam ji was an artist.

Gangaram Shivare

The songs of Gangaram Shivare, which he himself composes, are very good. Saint considers Ravidas as his ideal. Due to his interest in songs and music since childhood, he continued moving in the same direction. His guru is Jhaduram Tilwar.

Gangaramji has prepared a Chhattisgarhi troupe named Tulsi Chaura. His song, ‘Mor Chhattisgarh Mahtari Ke Paiya Lagaon Re’ is very famous. Has worked in Habib Tanbir’s Charandas Chor and Bahadur Kalarin. The songs of Bahadur Kalarin are written by him. Now Gangaram Shivare is no more in this world.

Bhaiyalal Hedau

Bhaiyalal Hedau is a great actor as well as a singer and announcer. In 1981, Hedaji acted in Satyajit Ray’s telefilm Sadgati. Bhaiyalal Hedau’s father Vasudev Hedau was a very good artist. There was art in the home environment itself. He kept singing songs since childhood.

Bhaiyalal Hedau joined Chandaini Gonda in 1971 and later kept singing and acting in Sonha Bihan, Navavihan, Anurag Dhara Chhattisgarhi cultural troupe. He has been honored many times.

Dhurvaram Markam

Dhurvaram Markam is a folk singer whose songs have influenced people since childhood. In his childhood, he used to make bamboo sticks and used to sing while making them. He got inspiration from his father Chitkuram Markam. And from Ramlal Markam and Minlal Markam. His wife was folk singer Dukhiyabai.

Dhurvaram Markam and Dukhiyabai Markam worked in Habib Tanbir’s Naya Theatre. Husband and wife, they both founded the Chhattisgarhi folk cultural party “Maya Ke Phool”. The songs of both are played on Akashvani and cassettes have also been released. After the death of Dukhiyabai, Dhuravaram Markam became alone. But he still keeps singing, keeps giving joy to people.

Panchram Mirjha and Kulwantin Bai

Panchram Mirjha and Kulwantin Bai sing Chhattisgarhi songs in radio and are popular. Both husband and wife perform on stage. Many more artists came to the fore through his Chhattisgarhi song music troupe named ‘Anjori Raat’. Both sing in Akashvani and also have cassettes of their songs.

Nirmala Thakur and Nanki Thakur

Nirmala Thakur and Nanki Thakur are a Chhattisgarhi couple whose folk songs are very popular. Also got inspiration from her father Pardesiram Belchandan. She started as a singer in Mahasingh Chandrakar’s Sonha Bihaan. After this, he joined Kedar Yadav’s Nava Bihan and Bhuinya’s Bhagwan Chhattisgarhi cultural troupe. Nanki Thakur’s father Ram Singh Thakur and elder brother were also artists. Nanaki Thakur is a well-known commentator of Ramayana. Apart from being a singer, he is also a good tabla player.


Dewar is both a Gatha singer and a Rrunjhu player. He belongs to the Dewar caste, that is why he has the talent of artistry in his veins. Since childhood, he sings Dewar songs by playing Rrunjhu.

What they mainly sing are – Nagesar Rani, Ratanpur ke Kissa, Mekain’s Kissa, Chanda Gahirin’s Gatha, Hirakhan Kshatriya (Gondaraja’s Gatha), Dasmat Odnin’s Kissa, Sitaram Baipari’s Kissa, Gondwani Gatha. He has gone to many places and performed with Devarjati Adarsh Folk Art Troupe.

sheikh Hussain

Chhattisgarhi songs sung by Sheikh Hussain were very popular like “Gulgul Bhajiya Khale Ke Dhoom Mache Rahis”, “Ek Paisa Ke Bhaji La”. There was a time when his songs used to be played in the village. Even today his songs continue to be broadcast on All India Radio.

Arun Yadav

Arun Yadav is a well-known name in Phag Geet whose songs have given joy to many. In Phagun, cassettes of Phag songs sung by Arun Yadav are played at various places. He sings and is also adept at playing the dholak and flute.

Parasram Yadu

Parasram Yadu got the inspiration to sing Chhattisgarhi songs in his childhood from his maternal grandfather, Anjor Singh Yadu. Anjor Singh himself was a good artist. Parasram has been creating ‘Mayaru Lokkala Manch’ and has been performing in many places through this medium.

Shivkumar Tiwari

About fifty cassettes of Shivkumar Tiwari have been released. His music guru has been his grandfather Asharam Tiwari and stage guru Vijay Singh. His troupe keeps giving Karigaram through ‘Sur Sudha’.

Mithlesh Sahu

Mithlesh Sahu is a folk singer and folk artist. He is a teacher. And inspired by watching Ramleela and dance in his childhood. He got a chance to work with a high class dance artist like Madan Nishad.

Navaldas Manikpuri

Navaldas Manikpuri is a popular artist and singer of Chhattisgarh. Has been singing since the age of twelve. Reaching people through radio and television platform. He got inspiration from his father Sarvandas Manikpuri. In the beginning he used to dance. He himself also writes songs in Chhattisgarhi. Bhaiyalal Hedau is his idol. He is the vice president of Chhattisgarhi Folk Art Committee Bhilai.

Baital Ram Sahu

Baital Ram Sahu sings Chhattisgarhi songs very skillfully. Many of the songs sung by him are very popular like Nadiya Mein Aawe Bela Re, Jalebi Wala Aage, Mor Saari Param Piyaari Ga, Mola Javan Dena Re Sanan Na Mor. His father Ramkishan Sahu was a great dance artist.

At the age of fourteen, Baital Ram Sahu started singing by playing harmonium in the Ramayan troupe of his Jogigufa village.

P.R. Oraon

P.R. Oraon is an artist as well as an administrative officer. He is also a lyricist, he writes songs himself and sings them on stage. His book ‘Gurtur’ is a collection of Chhattisgarhi songs. Wherever he goes as an officer, he definitely creates Chhattisgarhi Folk Art Troupe.

Khuman Yadav

He is the director and main artist of Chhattisgarhi folk cultural party ‘Maang Ke Sindoor’. Khuman Yadav of Dundera village kept participating in cultural programs since childhood. Village Ramayana recitation and Khanjeri bhajan remained a part of his life. He was always encouraged at home.

Also became an artist with the inspiration of his father Budharam Yadav, grandfather Premnath Yadav and elder father Udhoram Yadav. He believes that if brothers and nephews, i.e. the next generation, do not come into the field of Chhattisgarhi song and music, then it is not possible for folk art to develop.

Padmalochan Jaiswal

Bhojali has been the director of Chhattisgarhi cultural circle. Through this group many artists came forward like Rekha Jalakshatri, Safari Markam, Bhagat Sahu, Kshamanidhi Mishra, Lachchi Ram Sinha, Krishna Kumar Sen.

Padmalochan Jaiswal has been a very accomplished artist since childhood and on 14 November 1969, when he was in high school, he received an award from the Vice President at the Nehru Children’s Festival. Formed “Bhojali Chhattisgarhi Cultural Party” and kept giving programs far and wide.

Rakesh Tiwari

Rakesh Tiwari is expert in all three fields – Chhattisgarhi singing, acting and music, and has been the editor of the collection of poems – “Chhattisgarh Ke Mati Chandan”. His grandfather Laxman Tiwari took him towards folk music. Rakesh Tiwari used to go with him to Jasgeet Phag Mangli in his childhood. Many of his songs, videos, telefilms keep appearing in Akashvani, Doordarshan. Many audio cassettes have been released.

Deepak Chandrankar

Deepak Chandrankar is a very good artist. He has worked as an artist in Sonha Bihaan. Has done folk acting as a supporting artiste with dance artistes like Madan Nishad. Along with playing lead roles in Chhattisgarhi folk dramas Lorik Chanda, Hareli, Ghar Kaha Hai, Dasmat Kaina, Gammatiha, Rath Yatra, he has also directed them.

He is doing a lot of work by establishing Chhattisgarhi folk cultural troupe ‘Lokrang’ in his village Arjunda. He has been honored with an award at the Folk Art Festival (Bhilai). ‘Rumjhum Chiraiya’ and ‘Tel Hardi’ – These are cassettes of Chhattisgarhi songs which have Chhattisgarh’s Mahima Geet, Hori, Suva, Dadriya, Sohar, Savnahi, Shram Geet, Nachodi Geet.

Mamta Chandrakar

Mamta Chandrakar, being the daughter of Mahasingh Chandrakar, grew up in such an environment at home that songs and music were ingrained in her veins. Today in Chhattisgarh, Mamta Chandrakar has made her place in the music world through radio, Doordarshan and cassettes. The guru of classical music is Dr. Amresh Chandra Choubey and in the field of folklore, it is Kedar Yadav.

Rajni Rajak

Rajni Rajak was honored by many organizations as the best singer and announcer. His songs like ‘A Chaiti Jabo Utai Ke Bazar’ and ‘Paan Khai Lebe Mor Raja’ are very popular. His father G.P. Rajak is a source of inspiration and guru. G.P. Rajak is a Chhattisgarhi comedian, lyricist and musician and director of Tulsi Chaura (Folkkala Manch).

There are many cassettes of Rajni Rajak’s songs. She considers Chhattisgarhi poets Daneshwar Sharma and Kuleshwar Tamarkar as her idols.

Ganesh Yadav

Ganesh Yadav, known as Gannu Yadav, is a very good artist and singer. She has worked in Dalar Singh Mandaraji’s Raveli Saaz. Has worked with Habib Tanbir and Malay Chakraborty. Gannu Yadav is not only a good tabla player but also a compo.

Santosh Shukla

Santosh Shukla passed away at a very young age. His songs touch people’s hearts – he made his place in the music world by singing three or four Chhattisgarhi songs. His songs are broadcast from Akashvani Raipur like ‘Dhaani Kas Baila Phandamenv Vidhaata’, Charon Muda Le Dhandhagenv.

Another popular song of his is – Sitaram Le Le Mor Bhai Jati Birati Sitaram Le Love.

These songs of his still resonate – Ka Rakhe Hai Tan Ma Sangi, Ka Rakhe Hai Tan Ma, Tor Naam Amar Kar Le Ga Bhaiya, Ka Rakhe Hai Tan Ma.

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