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Folk dance of Jharkhand
CGPSC Notes Different cultures of India Folk dance of India

Folk dance of Jharkhand shows own civilizational culture

Folk dance of Jharkhand The state of Jharkhand has its own civilizational culture which differentiates it from other states. Here walking is dance, and speaking is a song, that is, dance, music, and song go together in every move and behavior in Jharkhandis. Here the tribes of the Sadan and non-Aryan families have been living …

Different cultures of India Folk dance of India

Folk dances of Meghalaya essential elements of Meghalaya culture

One of the essential elements of Meghalaya’s culture is the Folk dances of Meghalaya. However, Celebrations in Meghalaya are impossible without music and dance.  Dancing is an important part of the Meghalaya community. As the majority tribe of the Meghalaya, the Khasi celebrate their native festivals with traditional music and joy.  Some of their music …