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folk dance of kashmir
CGPSC Notes Different cultures of India Folk dance of India

Folk dance of Kashmir integral part of the state’s rich culture

Folk dance of Kashmir Aside from its picturesque beauty, Kashmir is also known for its traditional dances. Kashmir’s festive spirit is usually with traditional folk dances. Kashmir’s rich cultural heritage includes local music and traditional folk dance.  Spread Love dance is a body melody. The body expresses emotions and feelings through a mystical form of dance. …

Folk dance of Chhattisgarh
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Folk dance of Chhattisgarh that connects the culture of Chhattisgarh

Get to know about the folk dance of Chhattisgarh which includes the Main folk dance of Chhattisgarh such as Saila Dance, Karma, Sua Nacha, Panthi Dance, Raut Nacha, Gendi, etc. To perform the Folk dance of Chhattisgarh, people use various instruments, such as Dholak, Manjira, Mandar, etc. It is one of the ancient states of …