Folk dances of Uttarakhand – Like every culture, Uttarakhand has also preserved its culture through various mediums, so that future generations can know their great culture and civilization, playing a major role in this episode.

Major dances of Uttarakhand like the Jagar dance show our faith in our Gods and Goddesses.

And Sarro dance is a war-style dance that informs us about the bravery and valor of our forefathers.

         In this article, you will learn about the major dances of Uttarakhand, including the major dances of Garhwal and the major dances of Kumaon.

Folk dances of Uttarakhand 

  The main Folk dances of Uttarakhand are in two parts

1. Major dances of Garhwal

2. Major dances of Kumaon

Major Dances of Garhwal

Thadiya Dance- Folk dances of Uttarakhand

Thadiya Dance
Thadiya Dance

This dance is for the first time when married girls come to their maternal home.

Thadiya dance is in Thad (courtyard or chowk)

This dance starts from Basant Panchami to Bikhoti (Vishuat) Sankranti.

Thadiya song is in this dance.

Sarron Dance- Folk dances of Uttarakhand

It is a martial-style dance to the beat of a drum.

Dancers dance with sword shields

This dance is the ‘Pona dance’ in the Bhotia tribe.

In Kumaon, this style of dance is ‘Choliya dance’.

Harul Dance- Folk dances of Uttarakhand

  It is a major dance of the Jaunsari tribe

An instrument Ranasingha (Ramatula) is compulsorily in this dance.

Tandi Dance- Folk dances of Uttarakhand

This dance is also the main dance of the Jaunsari tribe.

Longveer dance

This dance is by men

In this men balance on the top of bamboo poles

Lagveer dance is with drums.

Chonfla dance

it’s a make-up dance

In this, men and women dance together in a group or by making separate groups while moving in a circle.

No musical instrument is in this dance.

The Chonfla song is collectively in the Chonfla dance.

Chonfla dance is a dance of the Bihu and Garba categories.

Jhumailo Dance

This dance is by newly married women on their arrival at their maternal home.

Chanchari Dance

It is a make-up dance that is by both men and women.

This dance is by playing the Hudki instrument.

In Kumaon, this dance is called the ‘Jhora’ dance.

Song in Chanchari dance – Chanchari dance song


main dance of Uttarakhand

folk dance of uttarakand
folk dance of Uttarakhand

Chhoti dance

This dance is especially in the Rawain Jaunpur area.

it’s a makeup-style dance

Chhopti songs are in Chhopti dance.

Ghughuti dance

Dance by small boys and girls for entertainment

Bhaila dance

This is a dance on the occasion of Diwali (Bagwal).

This dance is on the day of Diwali by burning a pine cone.

 Ran Bhoot Dance-Folk dances of Uttarakhand

The persons who attain martyrdom on the battlefield worship their like deities and this dance is for the peace of their souls.

This dance is also ‘Devta Ghirana’.

 Pandava dance-Folk dances of Uttarakhand

This is a religious dance base on the Mahabharata in Garhwal.

main dance of Kumaon

Cholia dance-Folk dances of Uttarakhand

Chholiya dance is a traditional folk dance form that originates from the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, India. This lively and colorful dance is an integral part of the cultural heritage of Uttarakhand and is often performed during festivals, weddings, and other special occasions in the region.

Key features of the Chholiya dance include


Dancers wear vibrant and eye-catching costumes, typically featuring brightly colored turbans (headgear), long flowing robes, and ornate jewelry. The attire is adorned with mirrors, beads, and embroidery, making it visually striking.

Music and Instruments

The dance is accompanied by traditional folk music played on instruments like the dhol (a large drum), damau (a double-headed drum), and nagara (a traditional kettle drum). The rhythm and beats of these instruments add energy to the performance.


Chholiya is a group dance with synchronized movements. Dancers form circles or lines and perform intricate footwork, often characterized by fast-paced steps and leaps. The dance incorporates various patterns and formations, creating an engaging spectacle.

Themes and Storytelling

Chholiya dances often depict local legends, mythological stories, or tales of bravery and valor. The dancers use gestures and expressions to convey these narratives, making it not only a dance form but also a means of storytelling.

Celebratory Occasions

Chholiya is performed on joyous occasions such as weddings, festivals like Diwali and Holi, and other cultural celebrations. It is a way for the community to come together and celebrate their traditions.

Chholiya dance is not only a visual and auditory treat but also an important cultural expression that helps preserve the heritage of the Kumaon region in Uttarakhand. It showcases the artistry, history, and social fabric of the local communities and is a source of pride for the people of Uttarakhand.

it’s a war dance

Cholia dance is with a shield and sword.

In Garhwal, it is ‘Sarron Dance’

Bhagnol dance-Folk dances of Uttarakhand

This dance is performed at fairs

This dance is performed on Hudka and Nagada instruments.

Jhora dance-Folk dances of Uttarakhand

This dance is performed by making a circular circle by placing hands on each other’s shoulders.

The main singer dances in the middle of the circle playing the hukka.

Songs are sung in Jhoda dance – Jhoda dance

Jhora dance is called Chanchari dance in Garhwal.

 Dhuska dance

This dance is performed in Munsiyari (Pithoragarh) and Johar Valley of Kumaon.

These are the dance of Chanchari and Jhoda dance styles.

Mukhotha dance

Mukhotha dance is in Hilljatra in Saur Valley in Pithoragarh, Kumaon.

Lakhia Bhoot’s acting is the main focus of the attractive

Hiranchittal dance

A masked dance called Hiranchital is performed during the Aathon festival in the Ascot belt of Kumaon.

Danyala Dance

Champhuli Dance

some other dance

Jagar dance

This dance is the main dance of the Garhwal and Kumaon regions.

This dance is on deities.

main characters of the dance

Jagar (Jagarya) – Knower of Jagar songs

Oji – Hudka, Hudki or Thali player

Paswa- Gods and Goddesses incarnate on this

 Panwad dance or Bhado dance

Dance is about stories of special historical heroes

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