Ganga Maiya Temple famous tourist place in Balod.


It is in Balod, Chhattisgarh.

It’s just 3 km from the district headquarters of the village Jhalmala.

Also, it is the famous temple of Ganga Maiya.


Ganga Maiya Temple

During the day, the temple complex fills with the songs of Mata’s bhajans and kirtans.

The temple is also for Mata Rani temple, which is famous all over the country.

It is believed that in the court of Mother, the wish made with a true heart is fulfilled.

The temple is also very popular during Navratri of Chaitra and Kwar Paksha, and there is a constant flow of devotees here.

According to the villagers, the Ramayana fair started here in 1981 and is still ongoing.

In this fair, the Ramayana group from faraway places recites Ramayana, which is highly praised.

How to reach Ganga Maiya temple

By Airplane 

It is easy to reach Mata Temple by airplane.

The nearest airport here is at the Raipur. The distance from Raipur to Durg is 40 kilometers. You can easily reach Raipur through both train and bus.


By Train 

Reaching the temple by train would be a great option for you. However, It has a railway junction from where you can reach the temple by traveling for some time.


By Road 

Mata’s temple is the connection to the road. This temple is on Balod – Durg Road.


Story of Ganga Maiya Temple 

So, Talking about the construction of this temple, it is said to be about 100 years old.

There is also an old story related to the construction of this temple.

It is said that not many people lived in this area of Jhalmala earlier due to the lack of income and water.

Only 100 to 200 people lived here at that time.

In ancient times, this area was a major center for buying and selling of animals.

But, Most of the people who brought animals were nomads.

When the number of animals increased continuously, the village head decided to build a pond there due to the acute shortage of water.

Excavation of the pond was started a few days after the decision was taken.

The digging work continued for a few days, and the pond was ready, after which it was filled with rainwater.


One day, when a boatman was fishing in that pond, his net got stuck in a stone repeatedly.

The boatman left the stone considering it to be a normal stone.

That same night, the mother appeared in the boatman’s dream and told him that she was in her pond.

In the morning, the boatman told everything to the village head.

The chief could not believe what the boatman was saying, but somehow the boatman convinced him and took him with him to the banks of the pond.

As soon as the boatman reached there, he once again threw his fishing net.

As soon as the net went down, he got trapped once again.

Some people entered the pond and took out the stuck stone, which was found to be the idol of a mother.

Only after this, the idol was installed in a temple. Today the same temple is known as Ganga Maiya.

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