Gangirani temple was built in a single night

Ram had spent his days here with Sita and Lakshman during his exile.

 The temple is not visible from a distance

Sita Marhi cave is also important along with the temple.

  The best art of stone art can be seen in the temple.

According to belief, Lord Ram had built the temple overnight.

The glory of the Mother Goddess is present in this temple.

It is immense and every devotee who comes with his wishes from far away places.

Gangirani Temple

The Gangirani Temple in the Ramgad area.

It is in a rural area that has been famous for its beauty and prestige for ages.

The temple is an exceptional example of stone art, and its construction is truly remarkable.

The entire temple has been built solely using stones, without any cement or bricks.

The temple is built on a surface that is equal to a large piece of land and has been carved to shape it.

The figures of gods and goddesses present in the temple are also carved in the same way.

These ancient statues have been sculpted on the rock with such precision that they appear to be alive.

There are many such examples of stone art from ancient times that are quite impressive.

Along with this temple between Kidanvati and Manyata.

Also, the importance of the cave of Sita Madhi is also considered very important in Ramgarh.


Brick and cement have not been used in this temple.

There are ancient idols of many Gods and Goddesses in the temple.

There are many such carved stones of eternal time in this temple that need to be maintained by the administration today, otherwise, these ancient monuments will be destroyed.




The Gangirani temple in the Ramgarh area, about 85 kilometers away from Koriya district headquarters, is a famous and beautiful temple that has been renowned since ancient times.



 No one in the village knows who built this temple and when, but despite this, the elders told about it. When asked accordingly, many types of stories are seen being presented to the people.

 Local people believe that the temple was built in a single night.

Lord Ram stayed in this temple for several days with Mother Sita and brother Lakshman during his exile.

while some also believe that Lord Ram himself built this temple.

Some also believe that there used to be a queen in this village whose brother-in-law chased her away from home.

and she came to this place and started living in a cave.

but when her brother-in-law found this, she left it.

This process of running away continued for years.

and the queen left caves in many places in this area.

however, as proof of this, there is a cave temple named Sita Madhi at a short distance from the Gangirani temple in the same area itself.

This is quite attractive to see.

the temple where the idol of Lord Shankar is installed is also built by carving rocks.



Festivals in Gangirani Temple

Gangi Rani Temple not only has a wonderful confluence of art but also this temple is very famous for the glory of the Goddess.

On the holy occasion of Chaitra Navratri and Ram Navami, there is a huge crowd of devotees who come here to fulfill their wishes. Apart from this, a fair is also organized, special Bhandara Prasad is arranged for the devotees by the committee members.

A huge crowd gathers in this fair which is held twice a year, in which people wishing to get their wishes fulfilled, offer it to the Mother Goddess.





Gangi Rani Temple in Ramgarh and Sitamarhi Cave are both unique treasures for the archeology department.

The fact that a complete temple was carved out of rocks in a remote rural area is a subject of study.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of knowledge and interest among the public representatives and administration, this area has not been able to develop.

As a result, the people in this area are still disconnected from modernity.

This art form remains largely unknown and unappreciated.

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